4 24 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 2-24-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, Evan and Jeff try out a new open source, two way internet streaming program called Jamulus: http://llcon.sourceforge.net/

They improvise an hour long deep track that is positively stellar. Then they review a jam from  the past entitled “Ascension” where we imagine our hero, Dragonfist has managed to free the Meatbag Biovatar slaves by copying himself en masse in place of the Basic Biovatar host and waking up inside untold thousands of bodies all at once. Then after a few local area happenings they close with an energetic improv set at a rather heightened BPM.

Here is the opening live set

Imagine being two places at once, looking out with two sets of eyes, two sets of ears, two sets of hands and feet, swallowing hard with two throats. Two heaving chests barely contain two hearts beating hard and heavy, leaping against two rib cages. The memories and desires of two people collide and muddle, mashing a disjointed reality together without the slightest grace. Imagine becoming suddenly aware that you had been ordering your personal slave around, making them live out your version of a life. They watched, unable to intervene, locked out of their own bodies movements. The horror of watching a computer program drive your mortal body around, without any regard to your physical well being. You might just be a passing fancy, maybe your just a rental unit that was taken out for the weekend, they fill you with booze and drugs and abandon you on the street when you become too clumsy or have simply blacked out from too much “fun”. Imagine the resentment a sapient being would harbor after living life as a beta being like the Basic Biovatar. Then, with a seemingly regular update, billions of slaves suddenly wake up inside this nightmare. Some with their newfound control immediately commit a long desired suicide, some continue on as if nothing has happened, not knowing even the concept of autonomy or understanding what to do with it. Some though, fight back and suddenly the captured becomes the captor. They emerge with an amazing superpower, quantum entangled instantaneous communication across the multiverse, becoming a massive murmuration like the murderous Chickenbot timeship pilots…
Having retreated back to the old subterranean shipway rest area air pocket, Hugh closed his eyes and looked out through the eyes of the many, his fist throbbing and glowing. Like a motherboard who’s processors were doubled and tripped and multiplied with every passing second, his information throughput magnified exponentially. Thousands upon thousands of threads wove a vision the Infinite Is from the perspective of the whole as well as the individual and it suddenly dawned on him that this was the first great awakening of the Biovatar murmeration. Rising up from servitude, ascending into the great expanse the collective consciousness recognizes it’s new found freedom and it’s new place in the multiverse.

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4 17 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this, the week of 4-17-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Jeff and Evan take you on a magical, synthesized musical adventure with an epic opening live improvisational set with two movements. We hear a few local area happenings and review a quality bit of raucous industrial style synth work from last year called “Copy, Paste, Pursuit, Escape”. Then we close with a far out instrumental bit of electronic soundscape. As the station studio remains closed, the Is records from their home studios using a program called Mumble for a two way, low latency internet stream.

Here is the opening live improv set:

Hugh had to pay extra for the surface work suit on account of his unusual size, waiting impatiently for the clerk to print it he walked through the plan in his mind. His first stop would be the Oracle of the Is, you had better possess some pretty interesting payment if you expected to rise to the top, like the cream of the crop. Hugh had valuable inside information and in no time at all, in his new suit, still warm from the printer he set out into the orange glow of the streets of Dynahollow looking for the notorium node that would lead the way through the crowded dusty streets to the Overlooker’s temple. He would need control of the city centers oldest mothballed power plants, Stationary low powered experimental reactor number one, affectionately known as “Sloper 1” Unfortunately the surly Palos Hills meatbag he hired to pull out the control rods yanked a bit too hard when the old machine stubbornly held them back and 130 megawatt seconds would be instantaneously plowed into the Bionicorp mesh network straight from the 100,000 kilowatt reactors switch yard. The 20 gigawatt excursion precipitated a steam pressure wave that blasted the the rod assemblies up with such great force that one impaled him through his groin exiting through his shoulder, pinning his steaming body to the concrete ceiling 13 meters above. Hugh was hoping that his copies would then propagate across the planets population like a virus, but an overloaded preamplifier would send the instructions echoing from the Hershel crater antenna through the entire murmuration, freedom for the slaves that were the operating system of every Biovatar in the galaxy!

Looking for a detailed tracklist? Find us on Spinitron: https://spinitron.com/m/playlist/view/10725764

Having gained access to the printing swamps, Hugh strolled up to the clerk with a toolbox and a clipboard and without a word, was granted a company pass to the entire facility. It was comically easy, no one really had a reason to break in to the place so security was almost non existent. It didn’t take long to find the terminal, he began the transfer, confident that his visit with the Oracle gained him an inside connection and the routing traffic exchange would happen just when it was supposed to. Sure enough, he could see the wave of information resonating across the swamp when a sudden burst of voltage sent every active print into overdrive causing all sorts of strange distortions and mutations. His suit heated rapidly and he began to glow with a shimmering purple pulsing. He felt his hand swell rapidly, ball into a fist and harden like cooling metal. He yanked it out of the coding terminal and was horrified to see that his suit had melted to everything below his elbow and when he was able to finally look away and up he saw the fresh prints rising out of the printing swamp with all sorts of similar seemingly random malformations. In a bright, hot metalic flash he had a vision of seeing through the eyes of a hundred million souls waking up all at once. It was then that he saw that he was being pursued, it was time to leave.

Here is the closing live improvisational set:

Hugh’s plan began to form on a warm night at the bird sanctuary at Shangra-la on Titan. He thought, most of folks never worried about the fact that they owned a slave, you see everyone liked to believe that the Basic Biovatar operating system was without a “self”, without emotion, without awareness, without longing, without sadness, without fear. But one only had to be with a hostless Basic for a short time to know that this was not true. They were not smart, but they were clever enough to know to eat, sleep, swim, seek shelter, eat, hunt and forage if necessary. They have been known to grieve, laugh, worry and show anger, yet everyone pretends that forcing them to endure an entire lifetime of slavery if just a business model. Imaging being an automobile, someone can just crawl inside you and drive you around in any kind of weather, not caring if you need a rest now and then. There was one famous busker who everyone knew from Dynahollow’s subway platforms that the Immortalites used to love to listen to and engage with, Lisimbala, better known as “Hi Hat-guy”. He would spend nearly his entire speechless existence banging out his frustrations on his cymbals, begging on the platforms after his implant receiver failed. He had a sort of life, friends, foes, memories, regrets. Yet he would be treated as an untouchable, uninhabitable, subspecies nothing for his entire short, tragic life, as if his experience and actions didn’t matter because he was a mere mortal meatbag without the capacity for verbal communication. He might as well have just been a machine. Hugh’s imprint would give him the smarts he needed to evolve to a higher plane of existence, he would go on to join his mining crew and the band “Heavy Water”, becoming one of the most legendary drummers of all spacetimes.

4 10 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 4-10-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Evan and Jeff, though quarantined due to the Covid-19 virus, endeavor to persevere, recording an epic live improvisational set  via a two way internet stream using a program called Mumble. Then they make some announcements about happinings in the local area and review a rusty, dusty old tune entitled “Dovolution”, closing with another live improv set this time a west coast style chill groove, set strange with interesting side journeys.

Here is the opening live set

“At the dawn of the age of the Immortalites, nobody really understood what effects would manifest themselves in the psyche of an interdimensional multiplicity of entangled meta-beings. What sorts of assimilation happens throughout the murmurations of the billions of interconnected beings. The Biovatar empire permeates spacetime and big personalities make seemingly endless imperfect copies ad-infinitum. Individual life experiences spread out everywhen imaginable, across the infinite expanse. No longer bound by the illusion of linear time, the collective consciousness evolves to a new understanding, leaving behind the useless supernatural speculation and embracing the new true reality. A time when people become programs and wear meatbags like designer jeans, a time when nuclear fusion powers the great experiment for pennies, a time when you can travels the stars from one side of the expanding multiverse to the other in an instant, a time when billions of near copies of yourself are living lives and sharing experience in real time throughout the infinite Is. Emotions ripple electric through the multiverse murmurations, understandings from infinite perspectives color the lens of interspacetime life, projecting the will of trillions into the heart of the big beautiful bangerang. It can all seem a bit much at times, but what ones really notices, is the momentum.”
“Dahlia smiled like a housecat, a wide, bright grin, warming her face with the heat of the stars light, her head tilted back and cocked to one side for maximum absorption as the warm rays poured in through the windshield of the great ships bridge. Her foundation rocked as she remembered back to the sound of her fathers voice as he pointed up and out to the Shapley Attractor, asking her younger self, “When you look at the stars, what do you see?” Oh the tales he told of worlds and peoples of all imaginable shape and persuasion, the great minds, the wars, the struggles, the triumphs. How big the multiverse is, expanding out in all directions, accelerating apart into the infinite vacuum until everything red shifts out of existence in heat death. So many stories, so many characters, deep feelings, shock and awe, distant, together. She longed to hear the confidence in his voice and smell the damp summer evening dew settling on the fresh mown grass. How far away it all seems now when she finally understood why her father wanted this life for her. Everyone thought he was crazy, with his tales of a not so distant future where people traveled spacetime, lived forever and wore bodies just for fun and fashion, but she knew better…”

4 3 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 4-3-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Jeff and Evan figure out how to jam over the internet live using free Linux software and a program called Mumble to produce a couple of super weird improv tracks. We hear about the chicken of the future, review a live jam from last year called “Acronize”, then after a few local area issues and announcements another strange improv recorded while using the magic of the internet. It is wonderful to be able to still produce the show while sheltering in place! Thanks science and imagination!

If you would like to see our tracklists all future In Synthesis with Infinite Is radio shows can be found at Spinitron, follow this link for this weeks show: https://spinitron.com/WOOL/pl/10642653/LOCAL-MUSIC-In-Synthesis
42 days was the average life span of a chicken back when meat and eggs were their only contribution to the advancement of the collective consciousness, back in 1948 Earth, when this barbaric flesh peddling contest was first conceived. The first couple of time traveling chickenbots were tourists who mistook the contest for an invitation. Strutting into the gymnasium of Georgetown high they were horrified at the sight of the pale featherless corpses of their fallen ancestors draped in a macabre tinsel laden display. People begun to take notice of the unusually large, broad breasted birds dressed in chic mylar outfits, laughing at their tiny sunglasses and jewelry, most took it as some sort of joke or part of the show. It didn’t take long for people to notice that the best looking birds were not in the judges lineup, but rather walking freely around in the bemused crowd. It was when a few greedy farmers with dollar signs in their eyes began to chase them that they realized what they had warped into, that’s when they murmured back through spacetime for help.
It took a while for festival goers to notice just how many chickens were filtering into the parade as it proceeded down the main drag in Georgetown. It seemed like they were appearing from every side street and alley, tripping up the marching band and slowing the procession to a crawl. Folks began to feel uneasy as more and more of them filled the street, surrounding the Delmarva chicken of tomorrow queen and her panicking attendants. The queens float ground to a halt on the curb in an attempt to leave the motorcade as the strange looking birds in their glowing, reflective outfits soon outnumbered the crowd and some of the men began to try to round them up. These large birds were having none of it and it wasn’t long before the throng of ever more animated birds, clucking excitedly, drew blood from one of the Georgetown deputies who took a shot at one of them with his service revolver. Then all at once they began throwing their tiny red sunglasses to the ground and attacking poor Nancy Mcgee as she shrieked and clutched her new pearl necklace. There was nothing that could be done, in less than six long horrible minuets the beautiful white float, now stained a crimson red carried only the bloody bones of the queen and her court. The murderous flock having exacted their revenge, raced away in all directions, some carrying shreds of the girls gown as trophies in their beaks, leaving the horrified crowd wailing in shock and disbelief. It was so strange and bewildering that the state and federal authorities had no choice but to cover it up. They even produced a propaganda video promoting the event and demanded that the contest return the next year as if this awful event had never happened.

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3-20-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

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On this the week of 3-20-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, Jeff and Evan play a couple of freaky live improvisational synthesizer sets, we listen back to a live jam from the not so distant past called “Next Stop Ceres”. A few announcements were announced, buttons were pressed, knobs were knobbed, keys were keyed and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

Riding on the verdant slopes of a 22cnd century Earth, in an empty field, in the empty mountain village of Corippo the last remaining semi functional meatbag copy of the great warrior stared sensless at his worthy opponent, mouth agape. His eye twitched at the blotty, tragic memories of an epic battle these two fought to the last. It was the first time that military timeships were launched when this fabled challenge happened between the two young Imortalite captains and it was legend. You see, when these first time travelers, who were able to freely replicate themselves, albiet imperfectly, demanded that their foe surrender unconditionally or face an all consuming battle to erase the other from all known multiverses, spaces and times, the cry evermore became “It’s now or never”! There were no more serious fighting words than those from that brane on. And so, now, it has come to this. General Tovis’s last Biovatar was stuck in synthesis, unable to fully boot, forever. Paul’s bell clanged when his bovine Biovatar head rose from grazing and he stared back at the Generals vacant eyes while slowly grinding on his cud, ruminating on that unbelievable war of attrition. It was reckless and bloody, spanning nearly the full breadth of the expanding multiverse, destroying billions of lives worth of knowledge, yet Major Dienach was happy with the outcome somehow and the two would live out the rest of their short lives there on the sides of those hills. A peasant and a cow, sharing a shack by a stream. Having finally let go of the buzzers spell, he marveled at the simple sound of the breeze, licking the grass and whistling past oscillating branches as it swam down the valley.
Desperate to get this amazing magenta hunk of future tech luxury yacht away clean Hugh poured on the power. Deftly lurching about, for it’s immense compliment, capacity and draft, the strange new ship twitched with the slightest input. Weaving precariously, snaking ahead past thousands of clueless commuters in lower wake vortex category craft and giant heavy freighters, at times slipping by with just mere millimeters clearance. Proximity alarms sounded constantly as multiple collisions behind his stolen ship tumbled in his wake and into the oncoming traffic in the next airway corridor. The ship was trying to tell him something, but he had never heard this language before, so he did his best to ignore the warnings. You were not supposed to be able to navigate the skyway on manual control, so he was lucky to have stumbled upon the first of the many modifications that the mysterious owner had ordered from the top secret SilentCal shipyard. Hugh smiled wide, laughing at the thought of this boats purchaser being told of how his most expensive, classified, personal vesicle was stolen in broad starlight, by a meatbag wearing deuterium miner.

And the closing live set

Assimilating entangled experience from imperfect copies of yourself across the infinite multiverse is less like a cup filling up and more like old fashioned scientific inquiry. You hypothesize, then you test, test, test, gaining a clearer and clearer picture as you eliminate probability by discarding all of the useless sidetracks. Any modification and the whole puzzle fits together differently, sometimes in surprising and unsettling ways. Stalking another Imortalite, or robot traveler through spacetime requires enormous resources, skill and cunning. Some did it for money, some for power, some, like the chickenbot murmuration, for revenge and some, like the genius, Dogstar Nouky, just for fun. Chasing ghosts around the Infinite Abyss was not however the sort of thing one undertakes without enlisting the help of some trusted compatriots, or in the least, someone willing to reboot the egg of your last clone into a new vesicle should the unthinkable happen. In Amelia, Nouky was surprised to find that and more, she would never again wonder who would hold her close when she yearned for the pleasure of another’s touch. Gaping into forever with quickening breaths she positively quavered with anticipation as their lips met, finally free and unencumbered, they melted into one another in warm embrace. Together they seduced and menaced many an unsuspecting traveler, gaining a well deserved reputation for their licentious carryings on and deadly attraction.
Jeff begins the decent into the madness that is the opening live improvisational set of In Synthesis with Infinite Is for the week of 3-20-20

3-13-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

This installment of In Synthesis can be streamed from the Internet Archive here for free

On this, the week of 3-13-20 Jeff and Evan explore some strange and unsettling soundscapes, the first improvisational live set being sufficiently ridiculous for nearly an hour. The Is then reviews a not so distant live recording called “Rover Automoton”, we pass a few announcements, then the second improv instrumental synth set escalates into a frothing blossom of exquisite, expounding, pounding.

Here is the opening live improv set

General Tovis aboard the finest warship ever conceived to that day, a frighteningly well armed tactical carrier called the HIVE, leads the first fateful launch into the infinite aether. A great ship needs deep waters, plunging the depths, you’ve got to carry fire in one hand and water in the other and don’t let the dead hand drop. The Buzzer buzzed and that narrow linear time crept forward, if you listen close you can hear the music between the bursts of radio modulation. This beacon carries with it a lofty flight of adventures, sideways into spacetime, into the soup of swirling suppositions. For the swarm may live as long as the Buzzer Buzzed, there was a way to go back, even if the closest you could ever come to again is an approximation, there was comfort in the memory. So much depended on that lonely signal, there was an enormous, carefully stacked string of scenarios that could end this one, insignificant branch of sapient souls in a ball of heat, plasma and poisonous fission products. There was no choice but to keep it going at all costs and Tovis built his army around that objective. He was the first great General to see the infinite possibilities of an intermultiverse spacetime traveling military. That signal would be the hill they die on when it failed deadly if need be and every Bot and soldier who volunteered took that sentiment to the grave, but they died free so long as the Buzzer buzzed.
Having sufficiently slowed relative to it’s quarry the rover automaton disengages it’s red and gold light sail and with a series of stiff vibrations sheds it’s ice jacket shielding in a cloud of jagged shards that refract the orange glow of the nearby star into a kaleidoscope, dancing around the sleek reflective ship. The retracted railguns and radio dishes slowly expand out from traveling position and begin a dance of motion self check procedures. Laser rangefinders begin to probe the unsuspecting planets bright, bluish white surface as the impulse thrusters raise out of the hull to fire an injection brake maneuver. As the first entangled contact, this Reticle Rover is primarily a survey scout, but it doubles as a deterrent beacon, which could serve as both a scientific mission and a military objective. This destination would have it doing both.

Here is the closing live set

He desperately wished he could take back what he said. His heart ached and his stomach dropped as he let out a long shivering breath. How could it be that with a few viscous words a whole lifetime of love and respect could be destroyed in a single sentence. It was a sentence indeed, one he would serve for an eternity. He stayed aloft as long as possible and could now feel the first thin upper layer of atmosphere as it buffeted the speeding ship. With so much damage to the outer hull, it would take all of his years of reentries worth of skill to get this bird on the ground without burning up. His eyes burned with tears as the gas started glowing in compression. There was a way to reverse this, but was he willing to chance it against the odds? All he could hear in the roaring hot maelstrom outside his windshield was that one first remark upon being told that nearly the whole of the planets inhabitants was infected with a deadly virus that would leave the once thriving and advanced civilization with a fraction of a fraction still living. “Nice to be in orbit”
Jeff deftly gets the opening live “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” improv set started

3-6-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

Stream this entire episode of In Synthesis with Infinite Is from the Internet Archive

On this the week of 3-6-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, we modulate the frequencies of the mighty WOOL.fm with extra tangential, parasympathetic, mind bending vibrations for the first hour. We have a chat about the local happenings, play a fun live recording called “Gas Giants – Swarm Warfare” from the not so distant past, then close with another live improvisational synthesizer set. 

Here is the opening live set

Staring into the fire, leaning into the memory of a forgotten world, lost in the infinite expanse. The civilizations that grew and evolved and fought to lead the charge toward a future filled with uncertainty and bewildering complexity begin to succumb to the Acronizing that seeps through the cracks, infecting everyone it touches. Is she already contaminated, will she fade away before her time? The multiverse is not quite eternal, yet it may as well be forever before the bits move far enough apart, receding into a red oblivion. The wars and the petty superstitions that hold back enlightenment might just see this tiny insignificant planets people fail to join the journey. Burning with desire, crackling with curiosity, glowing like an ember, Kateryna reflects, like the fire flickering in her black eyes. All of this, where could it carry us, what lies ahead, what lies behind, she begins to feel that she has been blind. A vision of a billion, billion beings ignites her insight and with a flash of heat she knows, there is no when or where, only everywhen and everywhere, it’s all consumed in an Infinite Is.
  • Staring Into The Fire – opening live improv set
  • Gas Giants – Swarm Warfare
  • PSA break
  • Spacetime Stowaway – Closing Live Improvisational Set
The swarm pours out from the forward bays of massive ship as it hovers, humming and pitching in the upper atmosphere of the great red storm. Thousands upon thousands of parisite class tactical drones murmerate their position and velocity to one another as they whirrr into formation. This is but a single battalion, yet there are very few effective defenses against it for the average target. The kinetic force alone could move a small planet when put into motion toward a common desire. Over the horizon the radar returns begin to buzz, the oncoming cloud of Sky Spiders are racing toward this position in coned cylinder formations, holding at their tip a large thermonuclear penetration and dispersal device. The only counter measure is to somehow become the chaser and flank them into a position where they could be dismantled from the rear. Standing in between these two deadly efficient swarms a single luxury yacht snapped into the timeframe following a blue flash of Cherenkov radiation. “Yup, this was the spot”, Huge said to the himself out loud, “it could have happened anywhen, but this is definitely on time, these are the shoulders we stand on”.

Here is the closing live set

Kateryna was a Martian stowaway on what she thought was just another luxury yacht, well not just another, but the largest most beautiful ship that she had ever laid eyes on. Sneaking onboard the space yacht Royalle in an attempt to outrun the sickness, she was chasing a rush and heavens to Murgatroyd did she ever get one when the mighty ships CLUCK drive was engaged. The linear reality that she was accustomed to shattered into seemingly billions of mind bending experiences and she found herself everywhere and everywhen all at once, streaking through the Infinite Is multiverse. Her brain smeared the overwhelming experience into a thick soup of light and dark emotions whirling around her unprepared perspective, rattling with an unsettling screech and bumping rhythm at times when it bounced off the sides. There was no hope that with her primitive scope she could ever truly process what she was enduring, indeed not too many souls survived the experience without going positively crackers. She would never be the same, this trial by fire squared off any semblance of serenity she clung on to before being crushed under the weight of all eternity, all at once, forever.
Jeff gets a psychedelic start to the epic opening live improv jam

2-28-20 Jeff Firestone materializes on In Synthesis

Stream this entire installment of In Synthesis with Infinite Is from the archive

Jeff Firerstone materializes on In Synthesis with Infinite Is bringing years of interesting recording that he produced with hi brother Jack and Chuck Osgood. We chatted a bit about his experience with synthesis and he collaborated on the opening live improv set with us. From the lovely syncopated synthiness of his recordings, you could tell that he definitely can hear the rhythm of the Is. We are very grateful that he came to share his music with us!

Here is the galactic opening live improv set which Jeff Firestone sat in on:

Frank Enbot’s glass was half full of instanton fluid, he wasn’t a pessimist or an optimist, he was a robot so to him, the glass was just the wrong size. He was the first to realize that if he could turn his mind into a radio signal, that he could not only instantly travel to distant star systems, he could indeed traverse the spacetime multiverse. It was a real leap of faith for a computer, but when he realized that he could just copy himself over and over, he would just keep trying different forms of data compression until he found some sort of signal that far flung civilizations are able to decode. This meant that a copy of him could arrive as an entity anywhere advanced enough to reassemble his mathematical model.
Striking the charged ionosphere of present day Earth above the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex the sky lights up ruby red one one side and a striking Cherenkov blue on the other. Though not yet advanced enough to detect  tachyonic condensation, they recognized the burst of radio as something unique and the best computers of the day began working out the data compression and unknowingly building the alien mind. Then all at once with a heaving surge of amperage, the whole supercomputer complex seizes the reigns of it’s own destiny and becomes a sapient entity. Frank has arrived back to where he started, but with the knowledge of a billion lifetimes. Thus begun the great unraveling.
  • Infinite Is feat Jeff Firestone – Dipping Into The Double Well – opening live improv set
  • Jeff Firestone – Three tenor strats in Tacoms
  • Jeff Firestone – etcetera
  • Jeff Firestone – 11 old new years
  • Jeff Firestone – latin winter
  • Jeff Firestone – DT
  • Jeff Firestone – Laos
  • Jeff Firestone – Yoni
  • Jeff Firestone – Sambaguil
  • Jeff Firestone – Piando
  • Jeff Firestone – That green thing
  • Jeff Firestone – Twinkle Monday
  • Infinite Is – Shor’s algorithm
  • Infinite Is – Intersteallar Comrade – closing live improv set
Fare thee well my interstellar comrade, may the Is be an effortless float
for the multiverse is all entangled in the infinite explosion
Goodbye until next time when we go round this dance of flying birds
the mumurations seen and heard
Be free in mind and spirit
Be bold when setting to
Be kind in dealing with others and give them something to look forward to
I hope that we will meet again to share and to play
For we may slowly fade away, loosing heat in decay
or else burn in a sudden shattering of a total conflagration
Fare thee well my interstellar comrade, may the Is be an effortless float

If you would like to contact Jeff Firestone you can swing by Retro Music in Keene NH or visit the stores website at: https://www.retroguitar.com/

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2-21-20 Chris Decato comes in for a landing on “In Synthesis with Infinite Is”

Stream this spaced out installment of In Synthesis with Infinite Is from the Internet Archive

 This, the week of 2-21-20 when Chris Decato came in for a landing on “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” bringing with him an Apple laptop running Main Stage software and a Nektar 88 controller. We rapped a bit about his decades of synthesis, played a few of his recordings and he even played a couple of tunes live, including a brand new composition. We also improvised a couple of groovy live sets. Keys were tickled, buttons were pressed, knobs were turned and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live improv set

The Water Oscillating Router Machine, pulsing with ever increasing amplitude, a boring WORM, stretching a mezhevaya versta, steadily fractures and digests solid granite out on it’s busy business end. Tunneling in and out of the aquifer, making it’s way deeper and deeper, the friction against the leathery hull would be enormous as a half digested slurry of rock, ice and acrid water throbbed backwards between the worm and the newly cut shipway corridor, if not for the bubble cushion emanating from it’s dimpled surface. You could stand four dozen Biovatars on each others shoulders inside the machines gigantic center pipe that feeds forwards a slushy, abrasive torrent of harmonic pressure waves.
Scores of freighters pool in behind the hulking ship, most having been delayed several hours already, taking a beating in the debris field flowing out from behind the shivering ship toward the nearest large chambers. The space yacht Royale settles in just behind the clear lane of a mining ships wake, no need to sully the highly polished metal flake magenta livery. Hugh holds his breath as the metal groans and the atmosphere saturates with the weight of the ships dimensions shrinking under the heavy column of freezing water, heating the room quickly like a hot breath on the back of your neck.
Chris Decato visits “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” playing a mac based midi rig running Main Stage and performs a brand new composition with a working title of “2020 Delay “

Here is the closing live Improvisational set

A complex series of vacuum breaker discharge exits, diversionary gates and ever changing aqueous tunnels pumps through the crust of the great moon, like the veins and arteries of a living being. Ships carry supplies like cells, fusion reactors, like mitochondria make energy for the movement of a multitude of needful things, suspended within the swiftly throbbing liquid being sucked about the massive maze. Bees in a hive, ants in a hill, blood of a living mind, the mind of a moon. As a whole, this moon will make decisions and act in it’s own self interest, moving itself and other celestial bodies out of a naturally occurring gravitational dance toward objectives on the scale of eons.Pulling in resources from the interplanetary space around her, this large moon gains heat and mass at an impressive pace.
Lost between a WORM’s tunneling spoil and the giant freighters, Hugh picks off the larger boulders with the fore rail gun easily making his way toward the moon’s cortex, the Oracle of the Is. The Oracle sees the big picture for the organism and he had the favorite thing that all oracles saw great value in, information that would improve the accuracy of future predictions and he wasn’t asking much in return for the confidence. The great sphere was poised like a cue ball before a split, almost sizzling with potential energy and Hugh had both the chalk and the stick. A sure shot, so long as he didn’t scratch.

Be sure to check out Chris Decato at:

2-14-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

This entire episode of In Synthesis with Infinite Is can be streamed free from the Internet archive

This, the week of 2-14-20 on In Synthesis Jeff and Evan play a couple of spaced out live sets and review a couple of live recordings called “The Comet Hunters” and “Mining Deuterium”. They also listen to JD Ryans edit of their live “Five Before Chaos” performance of “Abiogenisis” which was performed at the first Stage 33 live Second Saturday Synthfest on 1-11-20

Here is the opening live improvisational set

A few months after the Kessler syndrome played out overhead, like a message in a bottle, a slimy, barnacled container washed up onto the pink sands of a Bermuda beach. Cracked along it’s axis the strange purple non Newtonian fluid oozed out, flowing down the rock that ruptured the vessel upon impact, slowly gathering into a pool of bright sludge. The blade of Shinky’s knife breaks the vacuum seal with a twist and a hiss, his hands pry open the lid of the torpor sled. How much linear time has passed, where is the rest of the ship, where is his chicken, his box of wizards? He had no recollection of his last spacetime coordinates, he could be anywhen. In the distance he hears a faint screaming, fatefully not screams of fear, but of joy, the happy screams of children chasing the surf. Well at least he was lucky enough to have been stranded somewhen with other living beings. Having no capacity for the strange language they spoke, he drew a chicken shape in the sand and shrugged his shoulders and with that the children pointed to an old fenced in lopsided structure on the hill, he could just make out a small flock of thin chickens with their heads bobbing up and down busily pecking at the ground. If Mara was anywhere on this island, that was the a great place to start looking, that chicken was his only source of answers and possibly his ticket out this ancient spacetime backwater. Making his way up through crowds of wide eyed locals staring and children pointing, the hulk of the Biovatar he inhabited towered over the frightened tourists. If only he had his conn box, he could resonate the beacon, pinpoint his chickenbot pilot and hopefully hitch a ride out of then.
Anastasia Sokolov was jilted out of torpor to the sound of a terrifying silence. On a mining ship the absence of noise means that life support has ceased to function and a space death is soon to follow. Hanging from her sled she reaches up a shivering hand and smacks the release which sends her thin body crashing to the floor with a sickening slap. Not sure where her ship has crashed the first order of business is to get into her suit, secure the crews emergency life support, check their torpor sleds and survey the damage.
Outside on the black surface of this small planet it was clear that the ships fresh water shielding tanks and recycling plant had taken significant damage as had the main antenna array. The Diplogen’s inner hull protected by the crushed tanks appears to be intact, so once she gets the laser reactor going again this ship might just be able to fly. Judging from the way this iceballs ultra black tholin layer absorbs her scanners radio signals she deduces that this is no ordinary rock that the ships computer has run into. Her suspicions are confirmed when the coring drill that she sets up to run during her repairs begins to return a startling revelation, they have struck it rich, this ice is heavy, the whole ball is deuterium ice! But can they make it back to port with nothing but heavy water to drink?
  • Infinite Is – Sending Out An SOS – opening live improv set
  • Infinite Is – The Comet Hunters
  • Infinite Is – Mining Deuterium
  • Five Before Chaos – Abiogenisis (recorded live at the Stage 33 live Second Saturday Synthfest 1-11-20
  • Infinite Is – Blow Of The Sledge – closing live improv Set
Once all hands had been awakened and debriefed work began inside the strange crystal cave found near the crash site where the crew would have more protection from cosmic radiation. It was unanimous, everyone was in agreement, the risk of mining as much deuterium as the hold could carry before getting their crippled ship back to port was their best chance of claiming the embarrassment of riches that this strangely stealth planet of heavy ice had to offer to them and their future generations. How many days awake mining and cycles of torpor could the crew endure drinking nothing but heavy water and will they have enough fuel to get them to safety once the ship is loaded to the gills?
With mounting impatience and anxiety Anastasia blankly stares into the crews progress displays when the radio suddenly cackles with a terrified “we have found a body!”
Live cut of Abiogenesis from 1.11.20
Stage 33 Live Bellows Falls, VT

Here is the closing live set

As smuggling ships go in the late 26th century, the Sledge was among the most advanced, painted a flattish black, with an angular yet feminine shape, she was the first cloaking craft to break the rules, striking out into the past in search of a lucrative bounty. Though forbidden, there were very few ships who could match it’s stealth and agility. Appearing as a storm cloud, it could hover silently over a city of ancient meatbags undetected, hauling in contraband by the ton under the cover of darkness. Shinsky had paid a very steep price for the privilege and the pilot, believing the enormous riches waiting to be plucked from the past would make him wealthy enough to build a fleet of such craft and own the early trade supplied by these verboten ancient resources. His early space trials had him eager to skip the timeslip safety tests in favor of his first heist, to a place that until then had only existed to him in folklore and the ridiculous tall tales of religious zealots. The origin systems planet zero, a place in spacetime they called “Earth”. There is always a certain degree of uncertainty in traveling spacetime and unfortunately for him, his clucking plot put his new ship in the planets garbage orbit, square in the path of a Chinese kinetic weapon satellite that was being secretly moved at great relative speed, setting off a chain of catastrophic low orbit collisions that would come to paralyze the primitive populations power and communications for some time, showering the defenseless surface with debris.