The Nordic Train

If the train had not been delayed by 13.01 seconds the cone of probability for the entire cosmos would have ended in disaster and as the passenger car slid icily past a previous panicking Ham about to strike a German Submarine captain Ham recalled being suddenly dropped several thousand miles and years apart teetering on a misty cliff above San Francisco Bay as he tried to swing his first punch into the old man’s face.


One of the most unsettling phenoms one experiences is that special feeling of both distance and uncanny familiarity upon encountering a distant relative of someone you knew back before the Tachopolypse, back in the old one dimensional, linear, forward reality. It is a unique sort of loneliness where every moon and planet is a World Of Exponentials.

Impulse Power

As the warp envelope collapses the impulse drive begins braking and a ballet of orbital maneuvers in a wash of incandesent blue Cherenkov radiation as a wave of Tachyons pulse into the past, invisible to those moving along the old asymmetric arrow of time.

Chickenbot Inc.

We’ve got your bots!

Secretly building time traveling starship pilots in a novel and unsuspecting form Chickenbot Inc. quickly populated spacetime with eager businessmen smuggling contraband and wealthy explorers who have a strange habit of always carrying their precious chickens with them wherever in spacetime they happen to appear.


As it turns out, the most important and the most difficult bit of creating a sapient mechanical mind lies in implementing imagination. The key to untangling the tangle was the literal quantum leap that arrives with quantum computing, and Frankenbot, inspired by his chicken Cluck was struck dumb at first with it’s unbalanced, entangled elegance mathematically, this had to be the key to the Temporal Simultaneity a proper warp drive would require!






The CLUCK engine, driven by a quantum computer running in a supercooled, modified, mechanical model of a chickens brain. But deep in the memory banks, chicken don’t fit in.


On Titan, the bird sanctuary in Shangra-la is where Frankenbot goes to reflect on the Is, building birds from the detritus of the post linear epoch.

Das Boot

Falling to the bottom of the sea after having it’s down plane jammed, the air saturated with the desperate exhales of the doomed submariners, some of the crew begin to crack under the pressure as the destroyer looming overhead begins dropping depth charges.

Stuck At The Train Crossing

Stuck at the railroad crossing, blinded by the brilliant winter sun, seemingly reflecting every timeless photon directly into his eyes, Ham begins to panic. Although he knows that time is no longer linear, if he fails to reach the chicken farm this time, he will loose his robot friend forever. He begins an altercation with a surly old sailor, but instead of his punches connecting he finds his arms are flailing around blindly in the heavy early morning air, his feet inches from a dark foggy cliff…