The Mayor Of Chester – Advancing To The Rear

Commandeering a patrons hat as he slides into his seat at his local pub, the mayor of Chester, overwhelmed with emotion from being dragged through spacetime, contemplates witnessing eternity and his accidental role in saving humanity from world war three using semaphore to communicate desperately grave messages to a fleet of nuclear capable ships blinded by the destructive shock of an unusually large ripple in spacetime that washes over the planet in a torrent of brilliant violet-blue Cherenkov radiation as the first Alcubierre warp drive superluminal robot starship, who’s propulsion is made possible by the discovery of the Higgs Boson and ultimately the Tachyon, bursts into our solar system from a not so distant future.

The Saturn Set

From the electric Chickadees on the plains of Xanadu to the city of Shangri-La Saturn looms large. We then sail upon the hydrocarbon lake of Ligeia Mare, Titans singing sea…

Chicken Head

The ship lurches to a halt every where and time as Frankenbot concedes that the only way to save his beloved chicken is to implant her bird mind into Hams human mind, but the unknown unknown he failed to compute is that when a chicken sees another chicken with blood on it, it kills that chicken.

Jupiter Jazz

Entering Jupiter’s orbit the ship is dwarfed by this mass of swirling gas as it slips past a water vapor geyser on the moon of Europa when an unexpected signal breaks through the static…

Frank Enbot

It all begins when a boy gets his first robot, an Enbot he named Frank, that would be lovingly rebuilt continuously, until it one day that robot becomes self aware, begins building itself and secretly constructs the first TS [temporal simultaneity, TS drive] spacetime traveling starship, unfortunately for a mortal you are everywhere at everytime at once forever between destinations, pure insanity. Only a robot could have any chance of surviving. This is the adventure of Frank Enbot, from creation to the club, listen as he transcends the bonds of reality emerging as the original time lord…

Muonmonkan: Contemplations