10 2 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 10-2-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is the show opens with a pretty spaced out hour long improvisational synthesizer set. Then we review an Infinite Is recording entitled “Das Boot” followed by a few area announcements and a stratospheric closing live improv set. Oscillators were oscillated, frequencies were frequented, knobs were knobbed and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

“Approaching the fertile blue planet, the great ship shivers off it’s ablative ice protection layer and begins pulsing the reaction control system thrusters, deftly positioning the spacecraft in a sparkling shower of sharp, shimmering shards of ice. The reentry sequence code flashes up the main screen as the skipper secures her harness with a well practiced series of quick tugs. The wind whistles around the airframe of the Addie Shackly as the first layer of thin atmosphere begins to rattle and pitch the hulking mass. As the rime burns off the windscreen she suddenly begins to see clouds of small drones all over the horizon. How could this be, why didn’t the ships radar alert her on approach?
Then one by one the small drone craft begin attaching themselves to the hull, this is a hijacking. There is not much she could do until she reaches a safe maneuvering speed, so she puts the countermeasures to work and alters her trajectory for evasive maneuvers. “Engineering, I need maximum thrust!” This is where it all begins to go wrong, the reactor plasma collapses under the load in a burst, the gravitational force knocks the crew unconscious and when they wake up it’s already too late.
The engineering crew tries desperately to get the reactor back on line by trying to pulse the poison out. Though they have successfully evaded the bulk of the drone pirates, the main engines are damaged beyond repair and they are now free falling, too fast for the emergency parachute. The remaining drones fall off the glowing hull for self preservation and the crew readies itself to abandon ship.”…

Falling to the bottom of the sea after having their U-boat down plane jammed, the air saturated with the desperate exhales of the doomed submariners, some of the crew begin to crack under the pressure as the destroyer looming overhead begins dropping depth charges.

Here is the closing live set

“Being a woman who is trained to fly a ship as great and notorious as the Addie Shackly, Lilisa Pinkblack knew that dithering the radar and controls were an important aspect of her control input. Tapping on the gravitational gauge she smiles gleely at the needle when it jumps to position. It has been a very long time indeed since the ship encountered any strong gravitation waves like the field this planet is putting out. Longing for a horizon to gaze at, she realizes that she is daydreaming, oh what a beautiful sight it is to see a glowing red star slip under the backside of a planet. She begins to mentally practice her first activities upon landing, sunset, swim, stare at a fire, make music in the great outdoors and dance. The smells and the breeze and the sound of life under an atmosphere, the rain and snow! She would have several planetary rotations to enjoy the bounty of this wet, warm world. So entranced by the pleasures that await her, that she didn’t notice that so much noise was clouding the radar that it was effectively blind. She calls up engineering on the comm, “prepare the ship for entry Sid”. A shakey voice crackles back “aye aye Skipper, but I suggest we give the warp core some more time to cool before we descend.” “Don’t worry Sid, there’s nothing down there that we might need to power away from, lets loose the snowball”. “Roger Wilco Pinkblack” “Brace for shivering.””…

9 25 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 9-25-20 as Jeff is on hiatus, so we begin the show with a recording of the opening live improv set from 4-17-20 called “Sloper One”, short for Stationary low powered experimental reactor number one. Then we enjoy a really fun bit of music from a friend of the Is who goes by the moniker “Astrosonic Splotch” called “Thunder is Free” from the Wat Doth Life album “we Sold Out For Kiel. Here is a link to where you can download it: https://whatdothlifevt.bandcamp.com/track/astrosonic-splotch-thunder-is-free Then after a few area announcements we enjoy a two part piece from the Is called Outpost Charon – Radio Interferometry

Hugh had to pay extra for the surface work suit on account of his unusual size, waiting impatiently for the clerk to print it he walked through the plan in his mind. His first stop would be the Oracle of the Is, you had better possess some pretty interesting payment if you expected to rise to the top, like the cream of the crop. Hugh had valuable inside information and in no time at all, in his new suit, still warm from the printer he set out into the orange glow of the streets of Dynahollow looking for the notorium node that would lead the way through the crowded dusty streets to the Overlooker’s temple. He would need control of the city centers oldest mothballed power plants, Stationary low powered experimental reactor number one, affectionately known as “Sloper 1” Unfortunately the surly Palos Hills meatbag he hired to pull out the control rods yanked a bit too hard when the old machine stubbornly held them back and 130 megawatt seconds would be instantaneously plowed into the Bionicorp mesh network straight from the 100,000 kilowatt reactors switch yard. The 20 gigawatt excursion precipitated a steam pressure wave that blasted the the rod assemblies up with such great force that one impaled him through his groin exiting through his shoulder, pinning his steaming body to the concrete ceiling 13 meters above. Hugh was hoping that his copies would then propagate across the planets population like a virus, but an overloaded preamplifier would send the instructions echoing from the Hershel crater antenna through the entire murmuration, freedom for the slaves that were the operating system of every Biovatar in the galaxy!


With the strontium clock back up and running and the successful realignment of the fusion reactor it was time to shove off. The strangely familiar lifeless body that Hugh collected from the crystal caves which bore a disturbing resemblance to his beloved captain was found to contain an interesting artificial brain which he could see had an obvious external power jack mounted at the base of her cold white neck. Laying her lifeless body into a spare sled, he patched in a temporary power cable to the port and strapped in her limbs just in case, hoping that she might somehow regenerate under refrigeration while he and the rest of the crew cycle in torpor.
“Huge, you had better get mounted, you know we are down to emergency rations and letting you burn four times any normal sized miner is putting us all behind, we will be lucky if we all make it back without sustaining permanent damage and you will probably be the first to get sick.” He breathes in a last deep breath soaking in her cheerful, quiet humming, with the intense pleasure of a house cat soaking in a sunbeam at a low purr and drifts off in his custom over sized sled. Oh how such a fine beautiful creature can make a man ache for her happiness. He blurs out watching motes of dust dance around her angelic face twinkling like glitter among wisps of golden hair that float about her pink cheek. Just being near such beauty can refill a mans desire to live and bring patience and hope where there was depression and pessimism.
Anastasia furrows her brow and squints as she does her square best to carefully lift the fully laden Diplogen from the surface of this strange black ball of heavy ice. With a sharp jab of the joystick the huge craft crinkles and squeals against the wall of the crater slowly gaining momentum. If the calculations are correct the porkchop plot puts them first near the trading outpost Charon, though there will not be enough fuel to stop the ship, they might be able to slow the heavy load down to about 7k and with any luck there will be a few tugs at the ready to see them approaching without the benefit of a sufficient brake burn. The damaged main transmitting antenna array means that only short range communication will be possible so she sets the emergency beacon buzzing away in short sharp intervals.
Though limited in range Anastasia uses the parallax between the subspace listening antennas and the emergency coincidence rangefinder to feel and hear her way toward the origin system in a steely and somewhat reckless serenade of dead reckoning. Once the computer captured the signals from the Central Access Telemetry or CAT buoy she finally puts herself into torpor with the rest of the crew, if they haven’t all been fatally damaged by heavy water poisoning by then anyways. So, with dreams of real food, a big payday and drug fueled warehouse raves, she slips off to the netherworld of torpor as the ship begins to accelerate into 3 G’s and the buoy telemetries sing from the dashboard speakers.

9 11 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 9-11-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is the show opens with a bit crushing hour long improvisational synthesizer piece that is sure to get boots stomping. Then the Is dusts of a rusty old ancient recording of Jeff doing a great Bonzo impression with a tune called “Jeff Zeppelin”. This is followed up by an old Mad Tracker project Jeff did called “Reclined Potato”. Then after a few area announcements the show closes with an improv session that starts pretty uplifting but then devolves into a somewhat hectic psychedelic swirl. Lines were drawn, echos where echoed, samples were sampled and much fun was had by all!

Here is the opening live set

“Please control, police control, pull, ease control, police can troll. The Liar in Chief tweets across his kingdom, “Let’s all blame the Other for our hate.” You see, more police are just treating the symptom, they are going into battle, digging graves, shooting victims, laying waste.
Killing cons and straight up victims doesn’t change the reason desperate people can’t find the way, it does nothing to teach us what we need to say. We are investing in the wrong end of the spectrum, we need to care for every last son and daughter like they were our own. Instead we have school lunch debt. We have people dying from lack of insulin.
We need to teach the value of true knowledge and celebrate the methods of discerning truth from division. Instead we tell them that faith isn’t fiction. We tell them that facts are opinions.
Punishing people after they are ruined is a waste of life and crime upon the vast neglected. We need to save them from the other end, reach them when their brains aren’t dead from a tortured life of stress and sickness, lies and pain and often addiction. So much crime is folks doing the best they can to live in trauma, they don’t see an end.
So many more would be equipped to deal with better circumstances to appeal. Give the least of us what they need to thrive, a basic income, get on board, organize. Don’t let our sons and daughters die because we didn’t choose a better way to try. More teachers and their aids and more life paths to take, free and better schools, better health, better reasons to climb higher, better ladders, better reasons to inspire. We need to reign in the soldiers, this is not a war, we have only failed to care for and to educate, we have failed to invest in our futures future, let’s get started, it’s not too late…”

A rusty, dusty, ancient, all Jeff recording from “Empty Bottle Interval” of Jeff beating out a great Bonzo and Jones impression, with 2B sticks, big drums, an old Casiotone and a Thunderbolt Wah.

Release date:
28 July 2018

Here is the closing live set

Found addressed to all astray a letter from the future, for today:
“It is so important as we go ahead, into the future, into their heads. We keep the real, leave the past, broken lies that weaken, fairy tales of magic men. Into this void we hurtle, the empty space can be a burden, when it lies between our ears. So ill equipped we are right now, to cope with our own success.
It is time to demand what should be ours, from those in command, who steal and cheat us, like worshipers of supply side Jesus. They take and take and take it from the bottom and keep it for themselves. Then lie about how they can’t afford to help. The rich get richer because we let them.
They are teaching us to play dumb, teaching us not to want a future for everyone. Instead of whips and chains, they reduce our brains, to simple, superstitious rubes. They take away our ability to argue. Just sports and god and facebook memes, guns to shoot and games to play. It’s all just feels over reals, instigate, hate, fear, divide, detract, desensitize, depersonalize, depreciate. Reality has a liberal bias, the right is now just out to harm us.
It is time we take control, over what our efforts can do for all. Give reason to the little ones, teach them about the harm that superstition does. Teach how to learn some more, give them methods, give them goals, give them critical thinking lessons. We will not win until we have nailed the last lie to the counter. Lies like “In God We Trust” need to die at the alter, appeals to superstition diminish us. That junk’s not real, it’s dangerous. We need to beat the virus of made up stuff, it is a fiction that is literally killing us when more than half won’t vaccinate because they’re ignorant.”

5-15-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

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On this the week of 5-15-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Jeff and Evan synthesize a strange musical journey with the first hours live improv set. Then we listen to a live session from last year entitled “Printing Biovatar Meat”. Then a few local area announcements are announced and the show closes with a rather raucous live improv session. The Jamulus program continues to prove itself, buttons were buttoned, knobs were knobbed and much fun was had by all.

The frost had been melting into dew, making the field she was laying in sticky as she pressed her earpiece back into her ear,“Roger, go at throttle up”, then without warning, it happened. Nozomi stared up into the sky with wide brown eyes and trembled at the sound. By the time the pressure wave reached her, the first tear was already streaking down her pink cheek. The terrifying sound of the exploding ship drove home the horror, it was like hitting a nail with a sledgehammer. She couldn’t look away, her gaze was locked on that spot, watching the plume expand where the ship used to be. She thrashed about in the tall grass violently, ripping handfuls out by the roots and silently screamed “whyyyy”, her voice lost to this tragic moment. This awful sound would echo through her lives, her actions, her multiples, her Immortalite copies. When the blue sky returned and the silence lured the crickets into singing again, she lay stunned, wet with dew, tears and sweat with her chest heaving in distress. She resolved then and there that she would no longer let life take her where it happened to go, she would lead a life of deliberate direction, and that direction was at first up, then out, out among the stars. Her determination and brilliant innovations would bring space travel into it’s first big leap.
On this the week of 5-15-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Jeff and Evan synthesize a strange musical journey with the first hours live improv set. Then we listen to a live session from last year entitled “Printing Biovatar Meat”. Then a few local area announcements are announced and the show closes with a rather raucous live improv session. The Jamulus program continues to prove itself, buttons were buttoned, knobs were knobbed and much fun was had by all.
Nozomi was a fearless engineer, she pushed the boundaries of technology further and faster than any other human in her field. To any outside observer she appeared absolutely obsessed, but really she was driven by that awful sound which chased her relentlessly for the rest of her life. When she woke up, it was there, when she was enjoying a nice cup of tea while watching songbirds splash around in their birdbath, it was there. Crunching numbers, eating lunch, in the shower, hiking up the local trails, giving interviews, it was there. While it proved beneficial to science and her career, it wore her down. The worst was that whenever she closed her eyes to try to sleep, just as she is drifting off, BANG, it wakes her up, sending her heart racing. She reels for a minute or two, then tries again to let sleep wash over her, but it always takes multiple tries before rest finally comes. Whenever her mind would drift from focus, BOOOOM! It was relentless and exhausting and it somehow managed to startle her every time, but it kept her on task. It was her own personal big bang, it echoed down the ages and pursued her until her last. As the first untangler of entanglement, her mind bending predictions surprised everyone, nobody thought it could ever be possible to entangle communications in real time.