Life In The Uncanny Valley

Due to the harsh conditions robots will come to rule the surface of most moons and planets, while the lowly meatbags are relegated to living underground, underwater or holed up in expensive plastic climate controlled domes and x-ray sintered buildings, alternately they must crawl into an uncomfortable extravehicular mobility unit just to get around. Plagued by constant dust storms, low temperatures and radiation, Dynahollow in the Uncanny valley on Mars was the first such city of robots. What began as a human built 21st century capitalist outpost power station would also be the last place that the last known biological human came back to life as a robot. Underneath Dynahollow is where the first Biovatar swamp was built, barely a hectare across, it eventually become an enormous printing facility capable of animating tens of thousands of quivering, dripping, Basic Biovatars an hour.

The meatbags dreamed of liquefying the core of the planet one day in order to restart the dynamo that could once again shield the planet, hold a livable atmosphere and bring them to the surface, they just had to figure out how to survive the transition as their current home of 3 trillion souls deep in the crust would become unstable, hot and ultimately deadly. There is also no way the robots would ever willingly give up there lucrative spaceport and bristling military garrisons.

The Zed-42 Bionicorp digester plant rumbles with dead and dying meatbag feedstock, heat pouring off it into the thin, dusty air, it feeds the roiling printing swamps below. Having killed off it’s competition, (human reproduction) with a brutal campaign of spacetime Acronizing, the company toasted record profits never before seen in the histories of the universes.

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