1-31-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is

This entire episode of In Synthesis with Infinite Is can be streamed free from the archive

Uku Meri soars into In Synthesis with Infinite Is bringing a Korg Karma, an Alesis Ion and tales of his many years of synthesis. We chatted and sampled a small portion of this prolific musicians decades worth of fine recordings and jammed out a couple of interstellar live improvisational sets. Be sure to check out his impressive catalog of music, learn more about him and find his contact information at:

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Here is the opening live improv set:

Gazing down the microscope, it dawned on her with a gasp, Dr. Shivaneski could not believe her eyes, it was wool and not just any wool Merino wool, how could that possibly be? This sample clearly originated from a time far before these animals ever existed and it would be impossible for anyone to bury this discovery under this massive glacier. It left her fluttering heart racing with the only interpretation she could imagine, time travel was possible and she was looking at the hat of a time traveler. Still reeling from this leap of logic one of the local excavators could be heard shouting up the deep hole frantically as he was being hauled up the rope about being attacked by a live chicken that he found next to the frozen body, protecting what looked like an egg. Impossible! What the hell was going on down there? This man must be hallucinating, there is no conceivable way that anything as big as a chicken could be alive underneath that massive slab of ice!

Here is the closing live improv set

The crew named the chicken Brigit in honor of Dr. Shivaneski and the coincidental date marking Imbolc 2020 AD Earth. She was unlike any chicken seen before, when they tried to take her cloacaic temperature they were startled to find that they needed special equipment just to read it accurately .4K! They were also startled to find evidence of superfluid helium four inside this otherworldly cybernetic bird. And what of this bizarre metallic egg, it defied all scans, x-rays and nuclear imaging and only seemed to do anything of note when it was found to resonate harmonically at certain radio frequencies, somehow generating what seemed to be a homing beacon of sorts. Thus began the great unraveling of linear time for the ancient humans on the home planet they called Earth and their first stumbling steps into the vast expanse of the Infinite Is.
Uku Meri Soars into In Synthesis with Infinite Is 1/31/20 and helps to lay down some synthtastic live improvisational sets

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