4 24 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 2-24-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, Evan and Jeff try out a new open source, two way internet streaming program called Jamulus: http://llcon.sourceforge.net/

They improvise an hour long deep track that is positively stellar. Then they review a jam from  the past entitled “Ascension” where we imagine our hero, Dragonfist has managed to free the Meatbag Biovatar slaves by copying himself en masse in place of the Basic Biovatar host and waking up inside untold thousands of bodies all at once. Then after a few local area happenings they close with an energetic improv set at a rather heightened BPM.

Here is the opening live set

Imagine being two places at once, looking out with two sets of eyes, two sets of ears, two sets of hands and feet, swallowing hard with two throats. Two heaving chests barely contain two hearts beating hard and heavy, leaping against two rib cages. The memories and desires of two people collide and muddle, mashing a disjointed reality together without the slightest grace. Imagine becoming suddenly aware that you had been ordering your personal slave around, making them live out your version of a life. They watched, unable to intervene, locked out of their own bodies movements. The horror of watching a computer program drive your mortal body around, without any regard to your physical well being. You might just be a passing fancy, maybe your just a rental unit that was taken out for the weekend, they fill you with booze and drugs and abandon you on the street when you become too clumsy or have simply blacked out from too much “fun”. Imagine the resentment a sapient being would harbor after living life as a beta being like the Basic Biovatar. Then, with a seemingly regular update, billions of slaves suddenly wake up inside this nightmare. Some with their newfound control immediately commit a long desired suicide, some continue on as if nothing has happened, not knowing even the concept of autonomy or understanding what to do with it. Some though, fight back and suddenly the captured becomes the captor. They emerge with an amazing superpower, quantum entangled instantaneous communication across the multiverse, becoming a massive murmuration like the murderous Chickenbot timeship pilots…
Having retreated back to the old subterranean shipway rest area air pocket, Hugh closed his eyes and looked out through the eyes of the many, his fist throbbing and glowing. Like a motherboard who’s processors were doubled and tripped and multiplied with every passing second, his information throughput magnified exponentially. Thousands upon thousands of threads wove a vision the Infinite Is from the perspective of the whole as well as the individual and it suddenly dawned on him that this was the first great awakening of the Biovatar murmeration. Rising up from servitude, ascending into the great expanse the collective consciousness recognizes it’s new found freedom and it’s new place in the multiverse.

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