9 11 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 9-11-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is the show opens with a bit crushing hour long improvisational synthesizer piece that is sure to get boots stomping. Then the Is dusts of a rusty old ancient recording of Jeff doing a great Bonzo impression with a tune called “Jeff Zeppelin”. This is followed up by an old Mad Tracker project Jeff did called “Reclined Potato”. Then after a few area announcements the show closes with an improv session that starts pretty uplifting but then devolves into a somewhat hectic psychedelic swirl. Lines were drawn, echos where echoed, samples were sampled and much fun was had by all!

Here is the opening live set

“Please control, police control, pull, ease control, police can troll. The Liar in Chief tweets across his kingdom, “Let’s all blame the Other for our hate.” You see, more police are just treating the symptom, they are going into battle, digging graves, shooting victims, laying waste.
Killing cons and straight up victims doesn’t change the reason desperate people can’t find the way, it does nothing to teach us what we need to say. We are investing in the wrong end of the spectrum, we need to care for every last son and daughter like they were our own. Instead we have school lunch debt. We have people dying from lack of insulin.
We need to teach the value of true knowledge and celebrate the methods of discerning truth from division. Instead we tell them that faith isn’t fiction. We tell them that facts are opinions.
Punishing people after they are ruined is a waste of life and crime upon the vast neglected. We need to save them from the other end, reach them when their brains aren’t dead from a tortured life of stress and sickness, lies and pain and often addiction. So much crime is folks doing the best they can to live in trauma, they don’t see an end.
So many more would be equipped to deal with better circumstances to appeal. Give the least of us what they need to thrive, a basic income, get on board, organize. Don’t let our sons and daughters die because we didn’t choose a better way to try. More teachers and their aids and more life paths to take, free and better schools, better health, better reasons to climb higher, better ladders, better reasons to inspire. We need to reign in the soldiers, this is not a war, we have only failed to care for and to educate, we have failed to invest in our futures future, let’s get started, it’s not too late…”

A rusty, dusty, ancient, all Jeff recording from “Empty Bottle Interval” of Jeff beating out a great Bonzo and Jones impression, with 2B sticks, big drums, an old Casiotone and a Thunderbolt Wah.

Release date:
28 July 2018

Here is the closing live set

Found addressed to all astray a letter from the future, for today:
“It is so important as we go ahead, into the future, into their heads. We keep the real, leave the past, broken lies that weaken, fairy tales of magic men. Into this void we hurtle, the empty space can be a burden, when it lies between our ears. So ill equipped we are right now, to cope with our own success.
It is time to demand what should be ours, from those in command, who steal and cheat us, like worshipers of supply side Jesus. They take and take and take it from the bottom and keep it for themselves. Then lie about how they can’t afford to help. The rich get richer because we let them.
They are teaching us to play dumb, teaching us not to want a future for everyone. Instead of whips and chains, they reduce our brains, to simple, superstitious rubes. They take away our ability to argue. Just sports and god and facebook memes, guns to shoot and games to play. It’s all just feels over reals, instigate, hate, fear, divide, detract, desensitize, depersonalize, depreciate. Reality has a liberal bias, the right is now just out to harm us.
It is time we take control, over what our efforts can do for all. Give reason to the little ones, teach them about the harm that superstition does. Teach how to learn some more, give them methods, give them goals, give them critical thinking lessons. We will not win until we have nailed the last lie to the counter. Lies like “In God We Trust” need to die at the alter, appeals to superstition diminish us. That junk’s not real, it’s dangerous. We need to beat the virus of made up stuff, it is a fiction that is literally killing us when more than half won’t vaccinate because they’re ignorant.”

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