Space Yacht Royale

Aboard the luxury spacetime yacht Royale, our stalwart giant absently sips a bitter cocktail, patiently letting the sugar cube dissolve, slowly a wave of sizzling bubbles crescendos into a mouthful of effervescent periwinkle champagne as Origin system tumbles past the observation deck windows.Amused at remembering his new tail number 1I/2017 U1 he laughs to himself out loud at hearing the primitive speculation spewing from one of the the small blue rock’s thousands of careless radio waves. So his approach may have been a bit imprudent, but as a scout without a Chickenbot, he is flying blind with no real time communication, which puts him at a severe disadvantage, hence the sailing ship. He plans to only burn the impulse engines once he has used up the element of surprise, but hopefully by then he will be warping back to a future filled with the celebrations of a hero’s return.What a journey it has been for this big fish in a big pond, the stiff and steady stream of charged particles fill the unfurling magnetic sails and the extravagant metal flake magenta ship begins to once again gracefully accelerate away from the star they called the Sun.

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