Hugh Jess Folk

Hugh Jess Folk was a man, of sorts, well, many men. You see soon you will be buying yourself a new body, possibly on bad credit at a loss like Hugh was supposed to before this all began. Mr. Folk was a big cyborg, a very big cyborg, in fact everyone took to calling him Huge. It took 8,000 calories a day just to keep the whole apparatus going. This body was never meant for space travel, cyborgs like Hugh usually just had their computers image sent ahead to the next destination through the mesh network where they would purchase a new vessel and computer brain upon arriving at their destination without any need for flying a fragile, difficult to maintain, physical body across the vast expanse.Even though his gentle nature tempered his lumbering muscular frame, he was always an imposing fellow looking down with a characteristic amusement that comes with always being the largest one in the room, indeed he was larger than life. He could not be intimidated and was able to withstand 50 G’s and lift as much as 8 ordinary men and for a fancy computer in an over sized meatbag, he knew how to live large.

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