Subterranean Cybernatians

The unlikely discovery of the Cybernatian’s stealth vessel, Polanete ke Sekepe, as it streaks silently toward the Martian Biovatar slave factory, buried in the crowded, convoluted maze of cities that formed under the frigid Uncanny Valley of the Hellas quadrangle, meant that a hasty, improvised plan had to be implemented with the utmost urgency.After a brief search a volunteer stepped forward from the potential lookalikes, Sensha Sobchak, with a little rouging up she could easily pass for Anastasia, the crashed ships captain. She would sacrifice her body by using her frozen corpse as a trojan horse to smuggle her computer brain onboard the Diplogen in a desperate attempt to sabotage and scuttle their ship, killing her and the miners who had the misfortune of stumbling onto their planet ship and the valuable deuterium ice layer that they used to fuel their very existence.Taking one last look back down the pipeline tunnel toward the only home she had ever known before being ejected up to the surface, she inhales sharply with a quickening anticipation and blows out forcefully in one heavy heaving breath, this is the adventure she always dreamed about, there can be no turning back once the shaft to the crystal caves has been sealed.After gracelessly spilling out of the temporary opening and with a few shallow hiccups, she slumps her bleeding, half naked body against the wall above where the shaft used to be and quickly feels the sleep of hypothermia soothe the searing pain as the tissue in her hands and feet burst with ice crystals. With any luck, they will be advanced enough to know how to power her Biovatar computer hardware, but not so advanced that they divonate her plan before she can stop them from alerting the universe of their Cybernatian army.

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