Multidimensional Sentinel

Making the leap from a hopelessly malfunctioning, diseased and dying human body to the finest of the giant athletic Biovatar competition models was a difficult but creative hack, but by no means the end of Hugh’s evolving life form. His leap from squishy hedonist meatbag to interstellar chopper riding robot superhero thus begun the age of intelligent, Infinite Is inhabitation. The transition from where to when arrives for him with his first fission pulse jet drive prototype. Here we listen in as the sinister model Alpha chopper belches to life in a sickening cloud of poisonous radioactive particles. It is time, time to begin the business of shaping time, a keeper of the dimensions, a sentinel of spacetime. With the help of the Cybernatians he will have the freedom to copy himself billions of times over throughout space and time, while maintaining telemetry across the murmuration multiverses. The resistance rings through him like the bells of St. Clement’s, chip chop chip chop, here comes a chopper to chop off your head!

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