In Synthesis – October 10, 2019

First show!

On short notice, we fired off our first show produced for 91.5, Black Sheep Radio in Bellows Falls Vt. There were a few minor glitches but we put it out there, Yay community radio! “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” can be heard every Friday night from 8pm to 10pm and can be streamed live at:

Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples Of The Moon

Infinite Is – Frank Enbot

Tangerine Dream – Ricochet side A

Viola Moon Shape – Avalanche

Seven Churches Underground featuring Perturbotron – We Could Be It

Dalton Lang – Quasar

Infinite Is – Das Boot

Thanks to everybody at WOOL for their support and encouragement, what a wonderful group of Volunteers, please consider becoming a member or donating to this noble cause at

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