In Synthesis – October 18, 2019


Live Set 1 Infinite Is – Plasma Miasma

Daft PunkGiorgio by Moroder

Giorgio Moroder – from here to infinity

Dan Deacon – the breakaway

Infinite Is – stuck at the train crossing

F.C. Kahuna – Hayling

Infinite Is – Chickenhead

Live Set 2 Infinite Is – Bark The Bicycle Clown


This show’s archive can be found here:

Are you a synthesist withing driving distance of Bellows Falls Vermont? Would you like to be interviewed on our show and play live sets with us? Please send us an Email: [email protected]
We would love to have you on our show!

We hauled a ridiculous pile of gear into the studio and had a lot of fun playing our first two live synth jams on!

The great ship shudders as the main engines plasma becomes poisoned with the careless maneuvers of the unprepared cadets who are trying their honest best to avoid total annihilation after most of the ships crew were killed from an unexpected radiation breach…
Prowling the streets, clouds of breath stream from the nostrils of his bright red nose in the thick, cold early morning autumn air, Bark the bicycle clown stalks the weak and the reckless until sunrise…

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