November 8, 2019 In Synthesis With Infinite Is Featuring J.D. Ryan

JD Ryan who came down from Plainfield VT joined us this week for a couple of fabulously far out live sets playing some soft synths and a six string bass jacked into a rather large array of really nice sounding pedals and much fun was had by all!

Streaming down in slow motion the snows of 90377 Sedna transfix Anastasia’s horrified gaze as she stares up and out toward the home to which she will never return…
No one who would care is unable to cope with our society, they might have experienced many kinds of sensations that they don’t know how to explain…

The entire show, including interview can be found at the Internet Archive here:

Infinite Is featuring JD Ryan live set #1 – The snows of Sedna

JD Ryan (Hypnagogia Sounds) – Unopened

JD Ryan (Hypnagogia Sounds) – Inner Space

JD Ryan (Hypnagogia Sounds) – Second Approach

JD Ryan (Hypnagogia Sounds) – Nebraska

JD Ryan (Hypnagogia Sounds) – Fractures

Infinite Is – Space Yacht Royale

Infinite Is featuring JD Ryan live set #2 – No One Who Would Care


Jd Ryans Soundcloud page is definately worth a listen and can be found here:

If you would like to come to Bellows Falls Vermont, play live sets and be featured on our show, please email us at [email protected]

On the air at how about all those stomp box lights, like a constellation of sounds at JD’s

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