Brendan Rooney visits In Synthesis With Infinite Is 11-15-19

Brendan Joined us on the day of our big fundraising auction, thanks to all you WOOLies who keep this amazing station a true voice of the people!

Brendan Rooney of Brattleboro Vermont joined us this week bringing a few fun synths, modified tape machines, circuit bent toys and several super fun homemade noisemakers, some with strings and some with springs sticking out all sides. Listen for the piezo shakey box he let me shake and the one transistor oscillator he brought us as a gift! Thanks Brendan! Knobs were twiddled, buttons were pushed, cassette tapes were mutilated, much fun was had by all 🙂

Here is the opening live set:

Fly by night wormholes like Wet Willies can become unstable and unpredictable without warning…
  • Infinite Is feat Brendan Rooney – Wet Willies Warping Wormhole – opening live set
  • Brendan Rooney – Bells
  • Brendan Rooney – I understand
  • Brendan Rooney – Enough Sleep
  • Brendan Rooney – Ambient beat one
  • Brendan Rooney – Food House
  • Brendan Rooney – Spook
  • Brendan Rooney – Clown Magic
  • Tiny Little Ghosts – Tiny Little Ghosts
  • Brendan Rooney – Click Click
  • Infinite Is – Multidimensional Sentinel
  • Infinite Is feat Brendan Rooney – Out Here In The Perimeter – closing live set

Here you can find more of Brendan Rooney’s music at his Soundcloud page:

Here is the closing live set:

Out here in the perimeter there are no stars…

This entire show, including interview can be found at the Internet Archive at this link:

OzzyBob is really getting into this far out
live set!

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