11-29-19 Five Before Chaos visits “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” for an epic session at 91.5 WOOL.fm

Stream this entire episode of In Synthesis with Infinite Is featuring Five Before Chaos from our archive

We take a peek inside the 91.5 WOOL.fm studio at Five Before Chaos performing live on In Synthesis with Infinite Is

Malcolm McShinsky and JD Ryan of “Five Before Chaos” join us for an epic session. Malcolm’s extra sexy extra black Sledge lights the way as JD’s Moog and machines search the secrets of nature leading the Infinite Is down some beautiful, transforming ambient explorations. The knobs per square inch reached epic proportions as we twiddled and fiddled our way along this beautiful, yet haunting journey in search of synthesis.

You can find Five Before Chaos at Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fivebeforechaos

Here is the opening set:

Petabytes of information was hidden in plain sight all this time, embedded in the double helix of a single gram of Deoxyribonucleic acid…
  • Infinite Is feat Five Before Chaos – Data in the DNA -opening live set
  • Five Before Chaos – Abiogenesis
  • Five Before Chaos – Late
  • Infinite Is – Add Er All
  • Infinite Is feat Five Before Chaos – Quadrillions – closing live set 
  • Five Before Chaos with Infinite Is – Hunting The Future, Frogs And Faces – Extra bonus After Hours Jam

Here is the closing set:

The power of quadrillions of atoms
The first official show snail mail arrived just before the show, a cassette of very interesting synthesizer music from Max Adam of Greenfield Massachusetts, thanks Max, cool stuff!

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