12-06-19 tOOthpAAt comes to the WOOL.fm studio for In Synthesis with Infinite Is

Stream this episode of In Synthesis with Infinite Is featuring tOOthpAAt

Max Adam of Greenfield Massachusetts came by the WOOL.fm studio to share his latest project “tOOthpAAt”. He came packing a Yamaha TG77, a Yamaha RS7000, a Korg KP# and a fun circuit bent Realistic Concertmate 670. We talked a bit about his gear and a few of his recordings, he performed a few super synthy tunes as well. Knobs were pressed, switches were switched, dials were dialed and much fun was had by all!

Here is the opening live improv set:

  • Infinite Is feat tOOthpAAt – 12345 54321 – opening live improv set
  • tOOthpAAt – moose enjoy life
  • tOOthpAAt – private eye
  • tOOthpAAt – analog c
  • tOOthpAAt – down tempo
  • tOOthpAAt – beepincreepin
  • Infinite Is – pumping liquid helium
  • Infinite Is feat tOOthpAAt – long way to chernobyl

And the trippy closing live set:

You can connect with tOOpAAt here at his Soundcloud and listen to more of his music:

Here are a couple of brief videos:

tOOthpAAt performs live in studio
Jeff and tOOthpAAt laying down the begginigs of a live improv set

Thanks Max, looking forward to playing with you at Stage 33 live on January 11th for the first second Saturday synthfest!

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