In Synthesis with Infinite Is presents listener submissions

This week we dipped into the mailbag to hear some of your music that you have submitted to us either by old fashioned snail mail or our official show email which is [email protected]

Thanks to all who submitted, there is limited time so sadly we are not able to play all submissions.

Here is the dramatic opening live improvisational set for “In Synthesis with Infinite Is”. There were no guests in attendance on this Friday the 13th day of December 2019. We dipped into the mailbag and played a few listener submissions.:

The great Red Rectangle fleet of Corot–7c, laying lifeless and lost for eons, encased in thick dusty ice, awakens with a deep rumble and cracks of shattering glacier to meet the incoming interstellar threat, even though there is nobody left to protect…

The entire show including listener submissions can be found at our archive here :

And here is the surreal closing live improvisational set

Pulsing the warp drive into axial oscillations in a vain attempt to purge the reactor of neutron poisoning, Dalia screams at the futility as the massive rotating cylindrical biofreighter glowing with a lavender haze lumbers it’s nose away from certain death by way of the fast approaching fleet of the Red Rectangle…

Would you like to Come to the studio in Bellows Falls Vermont so that we can feature your music and improvise live 15 to 30 minute sets with us on the air?

Email us: [email protected]

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