In Synthesis with Infinite Is for the week of 12-20-19

This week on In Synthesis we review a long two part session for storytime named Outpost Charon – Radio Interferometry from May of 2019, we say goodbye to Gershon Kingsley and improvise a couple of robust, rhythmic live sets.

This entire show can be found at the Internet Archive, here:

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Here is the opening live set

Inoculating a new host world fit for biological exploit showers the great stretch of spherical land mass in a great and terrifying storm of falling armored spikes filled with cultured rhizome,substratum, ethylene and the famed forager fungus. A single biofreighter has the mind boggling capacity to quickly reign captive and productive a planet at the outer limits of habitability as big as three Earth class planets…

    • Infinite Is – Rhizome Replication /opening live set/
    • Infinite Is – Outpost Charon – Radio Interferometry
    • Gershon Kingsley – WGBH theme stinger
    • Gershon Kingsley – The Savers aka The Jokers Wild game show theme
    • Gershon Kingsley – Pop Corn
    • Sean Kelly Murray – Cell Phone Blues
    • Infinite Is – Build Me Up Tear Me Down /closing live set/
From the perspective of anyone unlucky enough to experience it from the ground it earned it’s nickname “terrorforming”, beginning with the first scouts plunging into the surface with terrifying velocity trailing great streaming antennae followed by greater and greater numbers until the ground shakes and the water pitches up into foaming, hurling waves. Unfortunately a potential planet in the eyes of the council of the Laniakea Supercluster could potentially have on it, many billions of unfortunate souls already present and thriving, or not. The process of occupying usually obliterated, with great efficiency whatever life happens to be there when they arrive…

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