12-27-19 In Synthesis with Infinite Is last show of the year

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This week on In Synthesis with Infinite Is we listen to some of your music and improvise a couple of live sets. If you would like to submit music please email your links to our official show email which is:

[email protected]

Or you can snail mail us your CD, cassette, memory card, thumbdrive, vinyl, or whatever physical format you like the old fashioned way to:

In Synthesis c/o Evan Parks

PO box 160

Chester Vt 05143

Here is the opening live set

By the time the fleet of the Red Rectangle arrived Dalia had the massive Biofreighter, B3G-3776 only turned a third of the way she needed to make the jump safely. She could chance it and jump without a plot, but that could end in an unfortunate kinetic event as well. The Beeg as the ship was affectionately known was not defenseless and fought with the precision of a finely tuned, high performance Ballistic Biovatar. Lasting just under seventeen minuets, the tragic war of attrition would ultimately have the Beeg’s defenses overwhelmed with the fleets sheer numbers and although several lifeboats were able to make it safely away, they were all quickly picked off and destroyed. Dalia, a few terrorized crew members and the hulking wreck of B3G-3776 jumped haplessly toward Hydra’s Alphard without complete computations as a last resort…

You can usually find Jeff Firestone at the helm of Retro music in Keene, Nh

  • Infinite Is – The Battle Of The Beeg – opening live set
  • Jeff Firestone and Jack Walsh – Machine Rule
  • Jeff Firestone and Jack Walsh – Springtime In The North
  • Jeff Firestone and Jack Walsh – Maynard G
  • Craig Douglas – Quiet
  • Craig Douglas – Dormant
  • Craig Douglas – Misremembering
  • Infinite Is – The Mayor Of Chester/Advancing To The Rear
  • Infinite Is – Returning To Stardust – closing live set

Please swing by the Bandcamp of Craig Douglas for more ethereal vocal synth compositions https://craigdouglas.bandcamp.com/releases

Here is the closing live improv set, thanks for helping out Gary!

Arriving mostly intact at Alphard was a lucky break, but after disengaging, the damage to the enormous Biofreighters reactors was apparently fatal and the beleaguered Beeg was being drawn inexorably in toward the stars gravitational well. Dalia immediately ordered the remaining crew to abandon ship in the last remaining lifeboat. These were more than friends, they were family and the parting was heartbreaking. This ship had been their home and livelihood for hundreds of years. It was a legendary vessel, they had seen many a world transformed, thousands of settlements secured for their people. If there was any hope of saving it, it would be tried, she said her goodbyes and went to work as she drifted toward the stars corona. But alas, once they the plasma had engulfed the hull there would be no saving the Beeg, or Dalia, they would once again become stardust.

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