1-10-20 Sean Kelly Murray touches down on In Synthesis with Infinite Is

This entire show can be streamed from our archive here

Sean Kelly Murray joined us this the week of 1-10-20 for In Synthesis live from the 91.5 WOOL.fm studio. We chatted about his experience with synthesis, listened to a recording and he played a few tunes live. We also laid down some pretty interstellar live sets with him. Keys were played, buttons were pushed, knobs were twiddled, Sean’s synths and 12 string guitar were a pleasant addition to the soundscape and much fun was had by all!

Here is the opening live improvisational set:

Dahlia’s view from the EMU after she was hurled forth by the torpedo charge, speeding out from the scorching star as the ships hull burns away, was horrifying. She knew that this brief flight would have her ultimately succumbing to the deep well of this stars powerful gravity too. Tapping away the math with her fingers against the suit she began to calculate estimations of how many oblong orbits it would take before she slipped beyond the threshold of habitability and burned up, just like her doomed ship. Tumbling in the deafening silence she prepares her hail Mary, frantically engaging her CPU ejection targeting plotter, hoping for a path where the beacon transmitting from her Egg Of Essence might be picked up by a CAT buoy…

  • Infinite Is featuring Sean Kelly Murray – View from the E.M.U. opening live set
  • Sean Kelly Murray – April Sighs
  • Sean Kelly Murray – Country At War
  • Sean Kelly Murray – No More Birds A Flying
  • Sean Kelly Murray – Run
  • Sean Kelly Murray – Ballad Of Romaine Tenney
  • Infinite Is featuring Sean Kelly Murray – Hail Mary Passing closing live set

Inside every Biovatar body, where the Immortalite’s very cores of their beings reside, is an amazing space hardened, egg shaped, quasi-biological quantum computer, which can be copied, albeit imperfectly, many times over. It has no moving parts and can remain in stasis for eons drifting the great expanse of the Infinite Is. Slipped in to the hosts mouth and sucked up with a slurp through a special gated valve into a sort of inside out brain structure that has a supercooled fluid filled bag packed with sensitive metal infused communication cells, the Biovatar slaves mind then becomes subservient to the Immortalite that takes over the meatbag for the duration of the possession.
There also lies an explosive charge where the pointy end of the egg nestles close to the far end of the vessel, ready to eject the immortals essence toward somewhere where it might be rebooted. Out in interstellar space that was the net of CAT buoys that drape like spiderwebs across the multiverse. It’s resonating beacon aids recovery in the event that the Biovatar body fails, or is in mortal danger, or lost out in deep space. Dalia twists her helmet and her atmosphere whooshes out into the vacuum. With one last exhale she turns her head to the best possible target and fires her computer brain out through her unnervingly wide mouth in a cloud of vapor as her Biovatar body begins to freeze. How long will she drift before she is recovered? Perhaps she will be lost forever or burn up in the atmosphere of some distant planet? A few of the simulations looked promising, the ones that took the exploding ships estimated shock wave into account, pushing her device just over the escape velocity needed at this point in her orbit. Most likely though, her Egg of Essence just did not attain the speed needed to escape the pull of Alphard.

You can find more of Mr. Kelly’s music, a schedule of upcoming appearances and contact information at:

A short clip of Sean performing the heartbreaking story of Romaine Tenney.
Things get a bit weird in the live set.

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