The first Stage 33 Live Second Saturday Synthfest in the series was a great success!

The first Synthfest was well attended and featured the rich, layered and psychedelic music of some of the shows past guests including Max Adam aka tOOthpAAt, Brendan Rooney, also Malcolm McShinsky and JD Ryan of Five Before Chaos.

This series of multi-performer concerts celebrates synthesizer performance, circuit-bending, and sound manipulation. We had an amazing show last week, I was blown away by the talent that was brought to the table by everyone involved. The music was intense and expansive and the visuals provided by Scott J. Morgan live painting and the psychedelic video screen treats provided by Ryan Nestor and Peter King were out of this world.

Thanks to Scott J. Morgan for live painting at the first Stage 33 Live Second Saturday Synthfest on 1-11-20, it was super fun to watch his painting evolve with the music!

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to Mark Piepkorn, director and founder of stage 33 live for all of his multiple talents without which this could not have happened. We hope that you will join us for future series dates which are February 8, March 14, and April 11 at 7:00 PM Each session hosts up to five acts for individual performances followed by a collective improvisation. Players will be in the center of the room, with the audience in the round. The music is all original expected to range from cinematic and lush to computeresque and urgent.

There are several more second saturday synthfests in this series so if you would like to participate as a synthesist here are the details There are Limited slots, so performer RSVPs are required — first come, first served

All styles, all controllers, all instruments, it will start with prepared sets of about 20 min then there will be an open jam where even the sky is not the limit. It’s fine to do more than one in this series, all of them even. We provide power and house PA, you’ll need to bring anything else you need (including stands, tables, power strips, or whatever). Players will set up facing each other in a clump, with audience in the round, so that all of you synthesizer fans out there who plan to attend can get up close and personal and watch us pushing the buttons and twisting the knobs. All music must be original, no covers, no copyrighted samples, even short ones.

We’ll need one stereo or mono out for sound reinforcement and multitrack recording, so if you have a lot of instruments you will need your own submixer. There will also be cameras rolling to save this event for posterity. we have a terrific new projector and screen so so projection artists, animators and aspiring light show designers are welcome too.

The official Stage 33 Live videos are still in production, we have our first video now of the far out duo, Five Before Chaos! We will bring the other videos to you as soon as they have been put together, hope to see you at the next Stage 33 Live Second Saturday Synthfest on February 8th! Enjoy!

JD Ryan and Malcolm McShinsky of Five Before Chaos perform Abiogenesis live at the Stage 33 Live Second Saturday Synthfest on 1-11-20

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