2-21-20 Chris Decato comes in for a landing on “In Synthesis with Infinite Is”

Stream this spaced out installment of In Synthesis with Infinite Is from the Internet Archive

 This, the week of 2-21-20 when Chris Decato came in for a landing on “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” bringing with him an Apple laptop running Main Stage software and a Nektar 88 controller. We rapped a bit about his decades of synthesis, played a few of his recordings and he even played a couple of tunes live, including a brand new composition. We also improvised a couple of groovy live sets. Keys were tickled, buttons were pressed, knobs were turned and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live improv set

The Water Oscillating Router Machine, pulsing with ever increasing amplitude, a boring WORM, stretching a mezhevaya versta, steadily fractures and digests solid granite out on it’s busy business end. Tunneling in and out of the aquifer, making it’s way deeper and deeper, the friction against the leathery hull would be enormous as a half digested slurry of rock, ice and acrid water throbbed backwards between the worm and the newly cut shipway corridor, if not for the bubble cushion emanating from it’s dimpled surface. You could stand four dozen Biovatars on each others shoulders inside the machines gigantic center pipe that feeds forwards a slushy, abrasive torrent of harmonic pressure waves.
Scores of freighters pool in behind the hulking ship, most having been delayed several hours already, taking a beating in the debris field flowing out from behind the shivering ship toward the nearest large chambers. The space yacht Royale settles in just behind the clear lane of a mining ships wake, no need to sully the highly polished metal flake magenta livery. Hugh holds his breath as the metal groans and the atmosphere saturates with the weight of the ships dimensions shrinking under the heavy column of freezing water, heating the room quickly like a hot breath on the back of your neck.
Chris Decato visits “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” playing a mac based midi rig running Main Stage and performs a brand new composition with a working title of “2020 Delay “

Here is the closing live Improvisational set

A complex series of vacuum breaker discharge exits, diversionary gates and ever changing aqueous tunnels pumps through the crust of the great moon, like the veins and arteries of a living being. Ships carry supplies like cells, fusion reactors, like mitochondria make energy for the movement of a multitude of needful things, suspended within the swiftly throbbing liquid being sucked about the massive maze. Bees in a hive, ants in a hill, blood of a living mind, the mind of a moon. As a whole, this moon will make decisions and act in it’s own self interest, moving itself and other celestial bodies out of a naturally occurring gravitational dance toward objectives on the scale of eons.Pulling in resources from the interplanetary space around her, this large moon gains heat and mass at an impressive pace.
Lost between a WORM’s tunneling spoil and the giant freighters, Hugh picks off the larger boulders with the fore rail gun easily making his way toward the moon’s cortex, the Oracle of the Is. The Oracle sees the big picture for the organism and he had the favorite thing that all oracles saw great value in, information that would improve the accuracy of future predictions and he wasn’t asking much in return for the confidence. The great sphere was poised like a cue ball before a split, almost sizzling with potential energy and Hugh had both the chalk and the stick. A sure shot, so long as he didn’t scratch.

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