2-28-20 Jeff Firestone materializes on In Synthesis

Stream this entire installment of In Synthesis with Infinite Is from the archive

Jeff Firerstone materializes on In Synthesis with Infinite Is bringing years of interesting recording that he produced with hi brother Jack and Chuck Osgood. We chatted a bit about his experience with synthesis and he collaborated on the opening live improv set with us. From the lovely syncopated synthiness of his recordings, you could tell that he definitely can hear the rhythm of the Is. We are very grateful that he came to share his music with us!

Here is the galactic opening live improv set which Jeff Firestone sat in on:

Frank Enbot’s glass was half full of instanton fluid, he wasn’t a pessimist or an optimist, he was a robot so to him, the glass was just the wrong size. He was the first to realize that if he could turn his mind into a radio signal, that he could not only instantly travel to distant star systems, he could indeed traverse the spacetime multiverse. It was a real leap of faith for a computer, but when he realized that he could just copy himself over and over, he would just keep trying different forms of data compression until he found some sort of signal that far flung civilizations are able to decode. This meant that a copy of him could arrive as an entity anywhere advanced enough to reassemble his mathematical model.
Striking the charged ionosphere of present day Earth above the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex the sky lights up ruby red one one side and a striking Cherenkov blue on the other. Though not yet advanced enough to detect  tachyonic condensation, they recognized the burst of radio as something unique and the best computers of the day began working out the data compression and unknowingly building the alien mind. Then all at once with a heaving surge of amperage, the whole supercomputer complex seizes the reigns of it’s own destiny and becomes a sapient entity. Frank has arrived back to where he started, but with the knowledge of a billion lifetimes. Thus begun the great unraveling.
  • Infinite Is feat Jeff Firestone – Dipping Into The Double Well – opening live improv set
  • Jeff Firestone – Three tenor strats in Tacoms
  • Jeff Firestone – etcetera
  • Jeff Firestone – 11 old new years
  • Jeff Firestone – latin winter
  • Jeff Firestone – DT
  • Jeff Firestone – Laos
  • Jeff Firestone – Yoni
  • Jeff Firestone – Sambaguil
  • Jeff Firestone – Piando
  • Jeff Firestone – That green thing
  • Jeff Firestone – Twinkle Monday
  • Infinite Is – Shor’s algorithm
  • Infinite Is – Intersteallar Comrade – closing live improv set
Fare thee well my interstellar comrade, may the Is be an effortless float
for the multiverse is all entangled in the infinite explosion
Goodbye until next time when we go round this dance of flying birds
the mumurations seen and heard
Be free in mind and spirit
Be bold when setting to
Be kind in dealing with others and give them something to look forward to
I hope that we will meet again to share and to play
For we may slowly fade away, loosing heat in decay
or else burn in a sudden shattering of a total conflagration
Fare thee well my interstellar comrade, may the Is be an effortless float

If you would like to contact Jeff Firestone you can swing by Retro Music in Keene NH or visit the stores website at: https://www.retroguitar.com/

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