3-6-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

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On this the week of 3-6-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, we modulate the frequencies of the mighty WOOL.fm with extra tangential, parasympathetic, mind bending vibrations for the first hour. We have a chat about the local happenings, play a fun live recording called “Gas Giants – Swarm Warfare” from the not so distant past, then close with another live improvisational synthesizer set.

Here is the opening live set

Staring into the fire, leaning into the memory of a forgotten world, lost in the infinite expanse. The civilizations that grew and evolved and fought to lead the charge toward a future filled with uncertainty and bewildering complexity begin to succumb to the Acronizing that seeps through the cracks, infecting everyone it touches. Is she already contaminated, will she fade away before her time? The multiverse is not quite eternal, yet it may as well be forever before the bits move far enough apart, receding into a red oblivion. The wars and the petty superstitions that hold back enlightenment might just see this tiny insignificant planets people fail to join the journey. Burning with desire, crackling with curiosity, glowing like an ember, Kateryna reflects, like the fire flickering in her black eyes. All of this, where could it carry us, what lies ahead, what lies behind, she begins to feel that she has been blind. A vision of a billion, billion beings ignites her insight and with a flash of heat she knows, there is no when or where, only everywhen and everywhere, it’s all consumed in an Infinite Is.
  • Staring Into The Fire – opening live improv set
  • Gas Giants – Swarm Warfare
  • PSA break
  • Spacetime Stowaway – Closing Live Improvisational Set
The swarm pours out from the forward bays of massive ship as it hovers, humming and pitching in the upper atmosphere of the great red storm. Thousands upon thousands of parisite class tactical drones murmerate their position and velocity to one another as they whirrr into formation. This is but a single battalion, yet there are very few effective defenses against it for the average target. The kinetic force alone could move a small planet when put into motion toward a common desire. Over the horizon the radar returns begin to buzz, the oncoming cloud of Sky Spiders are racing toward this position in coned cylinder formations, holding at their tip a large thermonuclear penetration and dispersal device. The only counter measure is to somehow become the chaser and flank them into a position where they could be dismantled from the rear. Standing in between these two deadly efficient swarms a single luxury yacht snapped into the timeframe following a blue flash of Cherenkov radiation. “Yup, this was the spot”, Huge said to the himself out loud, “it could have happened anywhen, but this is definitely on time, these are the shoulders we stand on”.

Here is the closing live set

Kateryna was a Martian stowaway on what she thought was just another luxury yacht, well not just another, but the largest most beautiful ship that she had ever laid eyes on. Sneaking onboard the space yacht Royalle in an attempt to outrun the sickness, she was chasing a rush and heavens to Murgatroyd did she ever get one when the mighty ships CLUCK drive was engaged. The linear reality that she was accustomed to shattered into seemingly billions of mind bending experiences and she found herself everywhere and everywhen all at once, streaking through the Infinite Is multiverse. Her brain smeared the overwhelming experience into a thick soup of light and dark emotions whirling around her unprepared perspective, rattling with an unsettling screech and bumping rhythm at times when it bounced off the sides. There was no hope that with her primitive scope she could ever truly process what she was enduring, indeed not too many souls survived the experience without going positively crackers. She would never be the same, this trial by fire squared off any semblance of serenity she clung on to before being crushed under the weight of all eternity, all at once, forever.
Jeff gets a psychedelic start to the epic opening live improv jam

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