3-20-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

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On this the week of 3-20-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, Jeff and Evan play a couple of freaky live improvisational synthesizer sets, we listen back to a live jam from the not so distant past called “Next Stop Ceres”. A few announcements were announced, buttons were pressed, knobs were knobbed, keys were keyed and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

Riding on the verdant slopes of a 22cnd century Earth, in an empty field, in the empty mountain village of Corippo the last remaining semi functional meatbag copy of the great warrior stared sensless at his worthy opponent, mouth agape. His eye twitched at the blotty, tragic memories of an epic battle these two fought to the last. It was the first time that military timeships were launched when this fabled challenge happened between the two young Imortalite captains and it was legend. You see, when these first time travelers, who were able to freely replicate themselves, albiet imperfectly, demanded that their foe surrender unconditionally or face an all consuming battle to erase the other from all known multiverses, spaces and times, the cry evermore became “It’s now or never”! There were no more serious fighting words than those from that brane on. And so, now, it has come to this. General Tovis’s last Biovatar was stuck in synthesis, unable to fully boot, forever. Paul’s bell clanged when his bovine Biovatar head rose from grazing and he stared back at the Generals vacant eyes while slowly grinding on his cud, ruminating on that unbelievable war of attrition. It was reckless and bloody, spanning nearly the full breadth of the expanding multiverse, destroying billions of lives worth of knowledge, yet Major Dienach was happy with the outcome somehow and the two would live out the rest of their short lives there on the sides of those hills. A peasant and a cow, sharing a shack by a stream. Having finally let go of the buzzers spell, he marveled at the simple sound of the breeze, licking the grass and whistling past oscillating branches as it swam down the valley.
Desperate to get this amazing magenta hunk of future tech luxury yacht away clean Hugh poured on the power. Deftly lurching about, for it’s immense compliment, capacity and draft, the strange new ship twitched with the slightest input. Weaving precariously, snaking ahead past thousands of clueless commuters in lower wake vortex category craft and giant heavy freighters, at times slipping by with just mere millimeters clearance. Proximity alarms sounded constantly as multiple collisions behind his stolen ship tumbled in his wake and into the oncoming traffic in the next airway corridor. The ship was trying to tell him something, but he had never heard this language before, so he did his best to ignore the warnings. You were not supposed to be able to navigate the skyway on manual control, so he was lucky to have stumbled upon the first of the many modifications that the mysterious owner had ordered from the top secret SilentCal shipyard. Hugh smiled wide, laughing at the thought of this boats purchaser being told of how his most expensive, classified, personal vesicle was stolen in broad starlight, by a meatbag wearing deuterium miner.

And the closing live set

Assimilating entangled experience from imperfect copies of yourself across the infinite multiverse is less like a cup filling up and more like old fashioned scientific inquiry. You hypothesize, then you test, test, test, gaining a clearer and clearer picture as you eliminate probability by discarding all of the useless sidetracks. Any modification and the whole puzzle fits together differently, sometimes in surprising and unsettling ways. Stalking another Imortalite, or robot traveler through spacetime requires enormous resources, skill and cunning. Some did it for money, some for power, some, like the chickenbot murmuration, for revenge and some, like the genius, Dogstar Nouky, just for fun. Chasing ghosts around the Infinite Abyss was not however the sort of thing one undertakes without enlisting the help of some trusted compatriots, or in the least, someone willing to reboot the egg of your last clone into a new vesicle should the unthinkable happen. In Amelia, Nouky was surprised to find that and more, she would never again wonder who would hold her close when she yearned for the pleasure of another’s touch. Gaping into forever with quickening breaths she positively quavered with anticipation as their lips met, finally free and unencumbered, they melted into one another in warm embrace. Together they seduced and menaced many an unsuspecting traveler, gaining a well deserved reputation for their licentious carryings on and deadly attraction.
Jeff begins the decent into the madness that is the opening live improvisational set of In Synthesis with Infinite Is for the week of 3-20-20

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