4 3 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 4-3-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Jeff and Evan figure out how to jam over the internet live using free Linux software and a program called Mumble to produce a couple of super weird improv tracks. We hear about the chicken of the future, review a live jam from last year called “Acronize”, then after a few local area issues and announcements another strange improv recorded while using the magic of the internet. It is wonderful to be able to still produce the show while sheltering in place! Thanks science and imagination!

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42 days was the average life span of a chicken back when meat and eggs were their only contribution to the advancement of the collective consciousness, back in 1948 Earth, when this barbaric flesh peddling contest was first conceived. The first couple of time traveling chickenbots were tourists who mistook the contest for an invitation. Strutting into the gymnasium of Georgetown high they were horrified at the sight of the pale featherless corpses of their fallen ancestors draped in a macabre tinsel laden display. People begun to take notice of the unusually large, broad breasted birds dressed in chic mylar outfits, laughing at their tiny sunglasses and jewelry, most took it as some sort of joke or part of the show. It didn’t take long for people to notice that the best looking birds were not in the judges lineup, but rather walking freely around in the bemused crowd. It was when a few greedy farmers with dollar signs in their eyes began to chase them that they realized what they had warped into, that’s when they murmured back through spacetime for help.
It took a while for festival goers to notice just how many chickens were filtering into the parade as it proceeded down the main drag in Georgetown. It seemed like they were appearing from every side street and alley, tripping up the marching band and slowing the procession to a crawl. Folks began to feel uneasy as more and more of them filled the street, surrounding the Delmarva chicken of tomorrow queen and her panicking attendants. The queens float ground to a halt on the curb in an attempt to leave the motorcade as the strange looking birds in their glowing, reflective outfits soon outnumbered the crowd and some of the men began to try to round them up. These large birds were having none of it and it wasn’t long before the throng of ever more animated birds, clucking excitedly, drew blood from one of the Georgetown deputies who took a shot at one of them with his service revolver. Then all at once they began throwing their tiny red sunglasses to the ground and attacking poor Nancy Mcgee as she shrieked and clutched her new pearl necklace. There was nothing that could be done, in less than six long horrible minuets the beautiful white float, now stained a crimson red carried only the bloody bones of the queen and her court. The murderous flock having exacted their revenge, raced away in all directions, some carrying shreds of the girls gown as trophies in their beaks, leaving the horrified crowd wailing in shock and disbelief. It was so strange and bewildering that the state and federal authorities had no choice but to cover it up. They even produced a propaganda video promoting the event and demanded that the contest return the next year as if this awful event had never happened.

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