4 10 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 4-10-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Evan and Jeff, though quarantined due to the Covid-19 virus, endeavor to persevere, recording an epic live improvisational set  via a two way internet stream using a program called Mumble. Then they make some announcements about happinings in the local area and review a rusty, dusty old tune entitled “Dovolution”, closing with another live improv set this time a west coast style chill groove, set strange with interesting side journeys.

Here is the opening live set

“At the dawn of the age of the Immortalites, nobody really understood what effects would manifest themselves in the psyche of an interdimensional multiplicity of entangled meta-beings. What sorts of assimilation happens throughout the murmurations of the billions of interconnected beings. The Biovatar empire permeates spacetime and big personalities make seemingly endless imperfect copies ad-infinitum. Individual life experiences spread out everywhen imaginable, across the infinite expanse. No longer bound by the illusion of linear time, the collective consciousness evolves to a new understanding, leaving behind the useless supernatural speculation and embracing the new true reality. A time when people become programs and wear meatbags like designer jeans, a time when nuclear fusion powers the great experiment for pennies, a time when you can travels the stars from one side of the expanding multiverse to the other in an instant, a time when billions of near copies of yourself are living lives and sharing experience in real time throughout the infinite Is. Emotions ripple electric through the multiverse murmurations, understandings from infinite perspectives color the lens of interspacetime life, projecting the will of trillions into the heart of the big beautiful bangerang. It can all seem a bit much at times, but what ones really notices, is the momentum.”
“Dahlia smiled like a housecat, a wide, bright grin, warming her face with the heat of the stars light, her head tilted back and cocked to one side for maximum absorption as the warm rays poured in through the windshield of the great ships bridge. Her foundation rocked as she remembered back to the sound of her fathers voice as he pointed up and out to the Shapley Attractor, asking her younger self, “When you look at the stars, what do you see?” Oh the tales he told of worlds and peoples of all imaginable shape and persuasion, the great minds, the wars, the struggles, the triumphs. How big the multiverse is, expanding out in all directions, accelerating apart into the infinite vacuum until everything red shifts out of existence in heat death. So many stories, so many characters, deep feelings, shock and awe, distant, together. She longed to hear the confidence in his voice and smell the damp summer evening dew settling on the fresh mown grass. How far away it all seems now when she finally understood why her father wanted this life for her. Everyone thought he was crazy, with his tales of a not so distant future where people traveled spacetime, lived forever and wore bodies just for fun and fashion, but she knew better…”

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