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On this, the week of 5-22-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, Evan and Jeff begin the show with an hour long machine gun filled theme that veers into the terrifying and psychedelic a few times. Then we review a dusty of prog track called “The Nordic Train” which features a long Frippertronics style delay. After a few area announcements the show closes with a high energy half hour set which ends on a positive note.

Here is the opening live set

War is money. Exercising the war machine, flexing the mighty, deadly muscles of destruction brings more breath into the industrial military complex. Spooky’s rotary cannons dumping of thousands of tons of radioactive “depleted” uranium munitions at a rate of 2500 rounds per minute into the desert and the Dome’s counter-rocket artillery mortar at 4,500 rounds per minute are just a couple of the countless cash cows that need to be constantly fed. It was capitalism’s biggest failure, after slavery as a business model anyways. A world of endless wars where the only winners are arms dealers and shareholders. You see as a wise fictitious man named Hawkeye once explained:
Hawkeye: War isn’t Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse.
Father Mulcahy: How do you figure that, Hawkeye?
Hawkeye: Easy, Father. Tell me, who goes to Hell?
Father Mulcahy: Sinners, I believe.
Hawkeye: Exactly. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell. War is chock full of them — little kids, cripples, old ladies. In fact, except for some of the brass, almost everybody involved is an innocent bystander.
The 21st century war pigs all lived in gated communities in well protected areas of the planet. The way they saw it, as long as there is a large population of superstitious, uneducated, poor, nobodies to kill, the endless war could continue to reap huge profits. A lot of folks hoped that the information age would bring enlightenment and lasting change. A lot of folks misjudged the average intelligence of the average brainwashed prole and failed to take into account a general inability of most humans to accept a reality based on actual facts, free from superstition. The “unwashed masses” found it easier to pretend to have control over their destiny so they made up lies, lies like, nationalism, racial stereotypes, the underclass, karma, the untouchables, the “other”, the afterlife, religion, even pretending in the ultimate fascist, god. Ironically it was those lies and the lies sold to them by the corporations that kept them powerless. These lies were easily exploited. Their make believe hell was supposed to scare them into being good, but instead they created something much worse than that hell. It was those lies that rained death down on them, that kept them oppressed, that kept the war machine pumping along making billions for an uncaring elite.

You can find this playlist at Spinitron here: https://spinitron.com/m/playlist/view/10932942

Here is the closing live improv set

Starting the tritium injection high up in the atmosphere the ships fusion reactors pump helium into the parachute bay readying the helium load that will inflate the parachutes into great balloons. With a whoosh the gas charges up the hollow guy lines filling the balloons and the ship gradually stops falling and becomes buoyant just above the tops of the volcano rims. Hundreds of ships of all colors and shapes drift across the verdant landscape, their shadows chasing close behind. This was a festival of life, a place to celebrate all those lucky souls who survived the game. Bubbly drinks held high the crew of the Haggertys toasts their good fortune at reaching the end of the course. It has been 14,000 linear earth years and the imperfect Imortalite copies that survived this trial are barely recognizable, having evolved through a great many mutations. Captain Hu shouts across the flight deck “with gratitude and grace do we realize our destiny now and hand over this trophy to our much maligned closest competitor, the Kelly Ann, for they earned this showing through the ultimate sacrifice!” To which the crew sang boldly in unison “fearless, tearless making our way, we sacrifice tomorrow for today, play the odds against the multiverse, see the great unknown, yesterday is just a brane away!”

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