5 29 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 5-29-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Jeff and Evan start the show with an extra strange hour long opening improv set that just gets weirder and weirder. At the top of the hour there is a break, we review a tune from the not so distant past called “Phase Locked Loop” Then after a few local area announcements they close the show with an extra psychedelic live set. Faders were faded, keys were keyed, buttons were buttoned, LFO’s were Oscillated and much fun was had by all!

Have a listen to the opening improvisational live set

It took a long time for the Earth creatures to catch on that most of the comets their systems were tracking were actually interstellar time ships clad in a protective Ice and water shell. An ablative armor of dark regolith further obscured the ships, also acting as a radar absorbing measure. To the untrained eye it all just looked like a lot of debris flying around in a hapless, bewildering cloud. It wasn’t until the Russian A.I. program spotted the 24th century Flingspin class military time scout that the patterns began to emerge. Generations were birthed and expelled a thousand times over in some of these mysterious craft, from massive planet busting Biofreighters to luxury yachts to simple brute force racing machines, even tiny dinghies and even smaller drones and sounding buoys. “Outer Space” as the backwards Earthlings called it was positively teeming with all sorts of wondrous adventures and conquests. Spacetime was alive with busy programs wizzing around the Infinite Is, all at once, forever, fighting against entropy itself to organize some musical order into the whole big beautiful mess.

Here you can find our playlist at Spinitron: https://spinitron.com/m/playlist/view/10973774

And here is the closing live improv synthesizer set

It was a drunken skipper showing off for some mortified politicians that first poked a hole in the cloak that protected the Earth systems intertime shipping lanes. Gellavisio Trint commanded a helmsman to steer the ship just a bit too close to that pale blue dot, bragging that he could approach within the planets moon orbit undetected thanks to all of the latest cloaking technology built into this state of the art warship. It is ironic then, that the ship happened to be the unlucky recipient of the latest Russian artificial intelligence war games target designation. Thinking the ship was just a convenient practice target, the Russian air force attempted to blow it apart into billions of pieces. The crew of the Elucid Endeavor, on their maiden voyage engaged their countermeasures, proceeding to start a long, deadly world war on the reflexive, hostile planet, before crashing into the South American Amazon jungle thanks to the reckless instruction of an inexperienced drunken blowhard, who just happened to be the son of a supply side senator on board.

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