6-12-20 In Synthesis with Infinite Is

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On this the week of 6-12-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Evan and Jeff first take a strange and exciting improvised hour long musical synthesizer journey covering a lot of ground. Then at the top of the hour we review a recording entitled “Time In A Torus”. After that we chat a bit and listen to a few area announcements ending with a highly psychedelic set that gets super hectic surely sending bits of brain exploding across the listening area. LFO’s were tweaked, inputs were put in, keys were keyed and much fun was had by all!

Enjoy this electrifying opening live improv set

Tony the Tugger is legend among the spaceport tug captains of 24th century Earth, if there was something of great value sailing into the Western hemisphere anywhere around the United American federation you can be sure that Tony got his cut. Ruthless teams were in constant competition for the incoming bounty, sometimes even shooting each other out the sky. Tug unions were largely self policed, relying on section bosses, protection rackets and fear to keep the state of the pecking order intact. If you had valuable goods to deliver you were obligated to take the first outfit that you could hear on the radio and Tony wasn’t just your average alligator, though he was often the loudest transmitter in the hemisphere. Tony’s tug was equipped with only the most sensitive of receivers and most advanced antenna array as well. It wasn’t uncommon to hear Tony’s crew many light years away. The pilots would pass the day talking shit and bragging about the reach of their radios and how much their tugs could pull. Keying down the competition they would stomp any would be upstarts, plowing hundreds of thousands of watts from their dangerously souped up fusion reactors through liquid cooled linear amplifiers setting huge clouds of plasma coronal discharge pulsing off their antenna arrays, the glow could be seen more than 150 versts and could quickly cook your eyeballs if you were close enough to hear the crackling.

You can find this shows playlist here at Spinitron: https://spinitron.com/m/playlist/view/11055884

If there were such a thing as a perfect shape in the known multiverse, it would be the Tarus. Indeed the key to understanding spacetime and the very fabric of reality lies in its pleasing curve. Shickley Volstroff would stumble upon this very important concept during one late night shakedown session at the JET facility Culham Centre for Fusion Energy on December the second 2022 at Oxfordshire, UK, Earth while napping on the console between flywheel adjustments. The project was nearly defunded due to the unstable governing body of that country at the time and this was the spark that not only guaranteed the future of the facility, but of fusion and ultimately time travel and a pathway to the multiverse and near imortality.

And this is the pretty far out closing live set

One of the favorite punishments of the Immortalites was to delete all other known copies of an enemy and trap the last remaining copy in a 21st century animal, it was considered especially cruel to make someone live out their short, mute end in livestock. Cattle was popular, horses and donkeys, rabbits and mice, birds in cages were poetically indignant, but if your crimes were just simply being too different from everyone else, you were most likely destined to end up in the body of a black sheep and set out into the wilderness of some backwater planet like some sort of ancient scapegoat. They hate you if you are clever and they despise a fool. This is where Tony the tugger suddenly found himself, a real working class hero, cut of from civilization, alone, drifting in his empty, disabled ship toward a mostly barren rock just warm enough to support carbon based life. A fiery fuel less free fall decent into the thick atmosphere, then the emergency parachutes ease the shell of the once great tug to the surface leaving Tony to graze the bitter grass alone, in silence for the remainder of his short, now pointless mortal life with no hope of rescue or resurrection back to Immortalite status.

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