6 19 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 6-19-20 Jeff and Evan open with a pretty trippy hour long improv synth set. We then review a syncopated number called “Auto Feed”, followed by some area announcements and a mysterious closing live improv set. Boundaries and buttons were pushed, keys were tickled, switches were switched and the book was thrown out the window and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

“There was a heavy price to pay when becoming an Immortalite and that price was paid in constant anguish, for when you become many imperfect copies of yourself you not only sense what the other yous are sensing, you feel what they are feeling. It is merely a matter of spacetime before something goes horribly wrong with one of your conciousnesses. The natural mutations that occur during the copying process all but guarantee the gruesome outcome that is the emergent hell of an imperfect copy that suffers trapped inside a meatbag that is grotesquely and painfully malformed where there is no hope of repair or respite.
Gerry Anon Declan’s despair mounted like an ocean swell, throbbing as it washed out of her head into the pit of her empty stomach. Lurching forward, she clutches her bare midriff and heaves hot vomit out onto the cold floor in a white cloud of buoyant steam where it freezes, mid-motion into a chunky pile. As her copies copied, spreading swiftly across the great expanse, waves of emotion of every kind flowed through her, growing more numerous and more intense exponentially. Spacetime spares no fates undone, out of many, one…”

Playlist for this show at Spinitron: https://spinitron.com/m/playlist/view/11099397

And the closing improv set

There exists a place we suppose out beyond the redshift edge, a place so distant that there could never be any hope of return, or so we thought until a Gerry Anon Declan Immortalite copy returned from there warning everyone with psychotic obsession the go back to the Master Bus. The Faraway wouldn’t let her spread the warning for long, some great unknown force, in a blindingly hot pink flash, quickly snuffed out all 476,556,304,042 copies of her, eradicating spacetime of the lone return, leaving the multiverse to speculate that the Faraway was not just a real place, but it was perhaps an identical but dark mirror of our known existence. Could it be that the Faraway was a sort of antimatter counterpart where everything from our multiverse would annihilate into pure energy? And why did she seem to think we would be safe if everyone returned to the Master Bus, it didn’t make any sense?

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