6 26 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 6-26-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Evan and Jeff reach out into the frosty aether to pull in a deep hour long opening improv jam. Then we listen back to a tune from the not so distant past called “Flam Sandwich”. After a few area announcements the Is launches into a bizarre, over the top, often hectic closing live set where the wheels fall off, launching their dear listeners into the great beyond.

Here is the opening live set

“Oh how she enjoyed skimming the very outer edge of the old times Earth atmosphere in this primitive metal can, burning hydrocarbons, the violence of it all. Up here, oh how she enjoyed the up and down. Just having a warm wet rock to fall back to underneath the distant cloud deck gave her the confidence of a falcon in a full teardrop dive. If anything did go wrong out here, all she had to do was fall. Compared to the terror of floating hapless in the endless void of interstellar space this was like an amusement ride. In fact Dali found this whole experience terribly amusing indeed, nobody suspected that she was a multidimensional tourist having a go in a rented meatbag. Immortality could be pretty dull if you let it and there was no way she would let herself waste such personal riches. Fearlessly lighting the afterburners above the supposedly maximum altitude, the air frame flexing and creaking under the load, crackling with heat, she bears down and clenches her extremities as the airbags inflate, the G-force stomps on her chest like an angry elephant…”

“Dali Borka had a secret, a secret that she had until very recently kept even from herself, which was after all, all part of the game. You see Dali wasn’t just an ordinary 20th century woman, she was a 24th century Immortalite playing a game, a game where she is not just a very successful fighter pilot, but a beauty queen, a writer and philosopher, a popular lounge singer, an award winning actress and a brilliant mechanical engineer. But where she really excelled was quantum physics, she seemed to posses other worldly knowledge which she dolled out piecemeal to the leading scientific thinkers of the day in regular secret romantic rendezvous. She liked to stack the game in her favor by employing her own custom programming scripts, or what video game players of the 21st century would refer to as “cheat codes”, the most important of which was being self aware that this was all just a real life video game of sorts. For a price anyone could play, transmit your computer mind back through time, buy a custom Biovatar body printed to your specifications upon arrival and play the hand that you bought in a primitive world where no one is the wiser. Usually one would not be aware that they were in fact playing a game until that game had ended, but that’s just not how Dali rolls, she wanted to take full advantage of all the game had to offer…”

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