7 10 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 7-10-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, the show opens with an extra sideways improv jam for about the first hour, then we review a modem rich recording entitled “The Mesh Network”. Then after a few area announcements the Is plays a strange cinematic improv set to close the show. Keys were keyed, notes were noted, switches were switched and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

“Synthesizing eukaryotic rental bodies underground was a dirty business, it smelled of sulphur, and putrefied, fetid digesting flesh. Controlling the rot and bacterial excursions were the biggest problem, with all of this rich organic sludge that was the printing swamp nutrient bath, antibiotics quickly became useless as the resistance formed so rapidly. Eradication of undesirable biologicals was carried out on many fronts, including heat, strong acids, bases and even targeted radiological exposures and particle accelerators when it could be done discretely. Even though random mutations would naturally occur in fits and starts, it was important to keep this phenomenon held down to the absolute minimum. Indeed, a Biovatar swamp was ultimately graded on it’s rate of mutation, though some unscrupulous operators were known to cut corners and mislead its patrons as to this measure of printing spec. The electrical efficiency and maximum and continuous production capacity were the other important metrics. Even a small swamp of only a couple of hectares basically required what would be considered an average 20th century Earth’s commercial power plant worth of cooling, digesters, pumps and shredders. Old hat for Chickcheck, he was a chicken man from way back, but illicit rental bodies were much more lucrative than meat…”

Here is the closing improv set

“The whole process of printing bodies is made possible thanks to the breakthrough of a mad woman named Shylee Syntax who in her zeal to produce cheaper chicken parts for the overburdoned meat market employed slime mold DNA to make broad breasts and thighs through a dangerous CRISPR process later dubbed Eukaryotic Eugenics. It was astonishing to watch her demonstrate how she could take a chicken liver, pancreas, lung, brain or whatever, drop it into a blender, then immediately print the shredded slurry into a floating mesh mold. The organ would form layer by layer as the print head jockeyed rhythmically back and forth. The flesh would begin to pulse on it’s own mere moments after being spooged out of the machine pumping the swamps warm nutrient bath through the forming veins, fat and muscle self organizing miraculously out of the heated, slimy feedstock. It was both amazing and terrifying that any sort of biological organ, or indeed whole creature could now be synthesized using this slime mold DNA assimilation technique. In the realm of biological reproduction it was a sea change, it brought about extinction and re-population on a multiversic scale, the Infinite Is would forever echo with this fateful change. If only it hadn’t begun when capitalism was still popular…”

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