7 17 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 7-17-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is, Jeff and Evan begin the show with a heavy hour long improv set followed by a previously recorded sticky, icky track entitled “Sweaty – Biovatar Swamp mix”. Then after a few area announcements they close the show with a dense, deep 20 minute live set. What a journey it was.

Here is the opening live improvisational set

“The idea that planetiods are far easier to mine when you blow them up didn’t take long for the early spacefaring miners to figure out. Strayn Tedatric was that first creative thinker, he even had the foresight to fasion a shape charge which successfully blasted the valuable quarry in the general direction of the sector where he planned to cash in, thus multiplying efficiency many times over in bringing the rich ore in to port. He figured, why not just blow the whole thing up into bits that are the rightish size. He lit a flash in the WORM operators eyes when he described the asymmetric fractline boring pattern he postulated could direct the thermonuclear charges thustly. He was also that branes foremost nanotube net builder, these nets were no joke, indeed they were the largest nets ever conceived. Like a gossamer web it splayed out of the spacecfraft spinner, shimmering in the starlight and net it would, it would net Strayn a payday that could solve all of his desires. A bright flash, the ships computers pulse out momentarily then come back on line as the pressure wave shivvers off of the surface of the planetiod his ship is facing, hopefully in the dead of the blasts wake. “See? Just blow it up…” he says to himself out loud, pleased with the beauty of the destruction and the overall efficiency of the whole operation. Instantly ships begin to warp in looking for a piece, “Here come the Herthil hyenas, Ha, I’ve netted nearly all of it already suckers, hahahahaha!!”, as the ships bullishly commence to muscling in, rubbing up against each other jockeying for position”…
Life around the printing swamp was actually rather pleasant if you didn’t mind the stench of weed, sulpher and rotting waste. Oh and the heat, although only about 41 degrees C on average, with 99.9999993% humidity, it was a special kind of heat. It was like trying to breath a bowl of hot thick syrup, if it wasn’t for the artificially enhanced level of oxygen you would probably choke on it. It is only a matter of time before everyone eventually says, thinking out loud, “sweaty!”

Here is the closing live improvisational set

“The United American Federation wields sway over the planet with the largest share of financial transactions in the sector, it groans, heavy with fruit like a branch breaking bumper crop. The spirit of F.D.R. somehow still haunts the political mythos, echoing through the caves of justice. Then the wealthy squeeze the cider press and fill their glass with the suffering of the weak and misfortuned, the needs of the many and the rights of the few left who still count. It was a consumption machine, spenders spent, swindlers swindled, buyers bought and sellers sold, but oh what an ugly spectacle capitalism made. The spoilers spoiled and the masters and slaves, the whole mess thrumming and buzzzing like D3A Val’s humming into Pearl Harbor. It catches everyone by surprise with it’s deep cruelty, shocking and awing at a terrible pace! Smoking holes belch thick rolling ribbons where the soldiers used to be and your head rings and sings as a bit of your hearing ability dies, rattling your constitution from ears to piers. Oh, the humanity, how the sufferers suffered, blindsided by the sheer power, it waved.”…

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