8 7 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 8-7-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is Evan and Jeff bend reality, warping the very fabric of spacetime with their opening hour long Improvisational synthesizer set. Then a few announcements before reviewing a recording from 2019 called “Impulse Power” followed by a few more area happinings, then we hear a short peice called “Pepsi” sent in by DJ RF of WOOL.fm fame. Finally the Is closes the show with a half hour of spicy, prime time improv synth work. Files were filed, programs were programed, sequences were sequenced and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

“We are all in synthesis, growing, learning, forgetting, foreseeing, guessing, becoming, avoiding, ploying, playing, pretending, lending, forgiving, living. It is a process we hope will never cease for all of our few short days. What will become of you and me when the aether shifts like a cloud on a stiff sea breeze. Will the information we put in return in some meaningful way? Does it matter tomorrow what I do today? Why does it have to matter anyways? Or little lives get complicated, wasted on the little things, where can we turn for the bigger things? I just want to scream, “when will we leave!”? Divided we are conquered, alone we fall, but united we adapt and united we achieve. Now is the placetime, there is so much more than this tiny damp rock, so many other placetimes out among the stars where we need to be agreed. The Enshrinkable Shrink proceeds the day we begin to meet, then a ghost of a voice in the rippling of the stream, “The Infinite Is, just be…”

“When will we leave behind the superstitions of ignorant minds and move on? The Kiloverst Carbon Fiber Earth to Space Tether Elevator Transport is a an absolute marvel amongst what now seem like bottle rockets, even some of the largest rockets ever built which raised the first strands of the haul rope. It took and enormous factory, long enough to stretch out several spaceport scale runways more than six trips around the sun to spin a continuous web of fiber that stretches right out of the airlock gates, help taught with massive weighted gantries reaching up and out into the atmosphere. Continually being recycled and built in an endless loop. Out at the end of this glittering, gossamer magnatrack a crowded city outpost rumbles with activity. It is a place that generates a massive flow of electricity, where building sized barges lumbar about in qeue. Even though there were still plenty of old school rockets leaving the surface, this system was key in moving heavy things safely down to the planet. All the richest oligarchs kept their yachts there. If you wanted to take a pleasure cruise out from sector 7140 Moscow, the docks at Tsiolkovsky station are where you were moored. Lets have a drink at the club bar shall we, while we wait for the tender?…”

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