8 14 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

Listen to the entire episode free, here at the Internet Archive

On this the week of 8-14-20 on “In Synthesis with Infinite Is” we get heavy metal in the first hour improv session with a visit from the Braneworm. Then the wheels fall of when we review a somewhat stochastic recording called “Stochablastic”. A few area announcements and the show closes with an uplifting and expansive improvisational synthesizer live jam. Programs were programmed, pots were potted, switches were switched, drum machines were abused and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

“The only way to kill the Braneworm was to force it to mutate much more and more often than it had ever done. As an aggressive, self replicating loop of code It was able to bore through spacetime effortlessly as though it were braneless. As it infected copy after copy of an individual across the multiverse it quickly diminished you to a crumpled up mess. At the apex of the horror it was so prevalent that it broke down the very fabric of civilized society. Great and powerful groups of sapient citizens and rich oligarchs fell under it’s spell, threatening the Enshrinkable Shrink. The more corrupted the personality programming, the more erratic and violent the murmurations became. The Braneworm feasts upon ignorance, weak minds and power pawns. It was a Junior Biovatar computer engineer who first launched this Megamutation Mode assault. It was a penetration test Marina Morozov was using to probe for any and all ways to gain some modicum of control over this dreaded Dissarangement Disorganizer. Worse than a virus, this malware bores into the very cortexual commands of the application running the self aware sapient subject. Oh how much chaos and confusion did come boiling up to the surface of this unbounded by branes Biovatar killer, when will we leave behind, the superstitions of ignorant minds…”

Here is the closing live improvisational set

“Oh, the beautiful disintegration of order into disorder. News is a different sort of thing in the ever mutating multiverse than it was back in the bad old days, when nobody understood anything but the simple forward arrow of spacetime, action, reaction, when parity was not preserved, when there was past and there was future, present was only just an ignorant construct of simple minds. In the multiverse cause and effect go both ways. The vast and bewildering span and scope of the both exploding and imploding Infinite Is, ripples with noise and information. Imagine if you will that there is no now, no then, and no when. Just never, anythen and anywhen. It’s all happening at once, from the first photons to the last. Even the infinite eons of the inevitable great heat death. This short warm moment, just a flicker in the dark depths of the never ending night. Alas, entropy always wins in the end, so if you want to win, you use entropy as a means to an end….”

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