8 28 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On This the week of 8-28-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is the show opens with a meditative, sometimes Tibetan style, hour long live set. We listen back to the now remastered first ever, spooky, In Synthesis Jam from the second show in October of 2019 entitled “Plasma Miasma”. Then after conveying a few area announcements the show closes with a stratospheric, half hour live set sure to expand your horizons.

Here is the opening live set

“Breathing rhythmically, the girls sweetly sing “Stay with me, we can be free, just enjoy the company…” High in the Himmalaya’s Dogstar Nouky and Amelia, both opening their eyes at the same time see a bright pink-white haze that slowly gives way when they begin to see each other, thin and draped in orange gowns seated in the lotus position. The air is still and cold, cold enough that snowflakes built up gradually in their stubble of remaining hair like tumbleweeds blown against a barbed wire fence. Their internal fire, warming them against the frigid breeze. Then in unison, they begin to silently tell each other the horrific story of their braneworm infections, their epic battle to survive.
Before the Mega Mutation script was imagined, it was thought impossible to recover from the Braneworm, but these two girls, adept in hunting Imoratalite copies through spacetime knew instinctively what to do, delete all other known copies of themselves, then reboot each other and renew each others life experience, minus of course the Braneworm infection. There they sat, staring longingly into each others eyes, refilling their empty memory banks with the memories that they chose to keep. Shadows of high thin clouds race across the rugged peaks, spacetime slows and they chant out loud “Don’t get lost, you’ll pay the cost” as the old, quiet monk emerges from the faded tangle of fluttering prayer flags to ring the bowl gong with his thick, dark, calloused knuckles. The sense of loss and longing deflates their spirits like a punch in the guts, but having each other, they fill that great void with the love they have for each other and the skillfully backed up memories that make them them…”

Here is the closing live set

“The Wormer’s propagate waves of copies, contact tracing every lead
Broken thoughts are their quarry, so many souls in need
There’s no horizon, only stories, empty spaces in between
Across the great divide they speed, spreading freedom, taking heed
When upon an infected copy, they erase the life that has been taken
By the worms electric lies they hasten, swing the sickle, chop the weed
The Wormer’s change the program, cutting vines that spread the deadly Braneworm seed…”

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