10 2 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 10-2-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is the show opens with a pretty spaced out hour long improvisational synthesizer set. Then we review an Infinite Is recording entitled “Das Boot” followed by a few area announcements and a stratospheric closing live improv set. Oscillators were oscillated, frequencies were frequented, knobs were knobbed and much fun was had by all.

Here is the opening live set

“Approaching the fertile blue planet, the great ship shivers off it’s ablative ice protection layer and begins pulsing the reaction control system thrusters, deftly positioning the spacecraft in a sparkling shower of sharp, shimmering shards of ice. The reentry sequence code flashes up the main screen as the skipper secures her harness with a well practiced series of quick tugs. The wind whistles around the airframe of the Addie Shackly as the first layer of thin atmosphere begins to rattle and pitch the hulking mass. As the rime burns off the windscreen she suddenly begins to see clouds of small drones all over the horizon. How could this be, why didn’t the ships radar alert her on approach?
Then one by one the small drone craft begin attaching themselves to the hull, this is a hijacking. There is not much she could do until she reaches a safe maneuvering speed, so she puts the countermeasures to work and alters her trajectory for evasive maneuvers. “Engineering, I need maximum thrust!” This is where it all begins to go wrong, the reactor plasma collapses under the load in a burst, the gravitational force knocks the crew unconscious and when they wake up it’s already too late.
The engineering crew tries desperately to get the reactor back on line by trying to pulse the poison out. Though they have successfully evaded the bulk of the drone pirates, the main engines are damaged beyond repair and they are now free falling, too fast for the emergency parachute. The remaining drones fall off the glowing hull for self preservation and the crew readies itself to abandon ship.”…

Falling to the bottom of the sea after having their U-boat down plane jammed, the air saturated with the desperate exhales of the doomed submariners, some of the crew begin to crack under the pressure as the destroyer looming overhead begins dropping depth charges.

Here is the closing live set

“Being a woman who is trained to fly a ship as great and notorious as the Addie Shackly, Lilisa Pinkblack knew that dithering the radar and controls were an important aspect of her control input. Tapping on the gravitational gauge she smiles gleely at the needle when it jumps to position. It has been a very long time indeed since the ship encountered any strong gravitation waves like the field this planet is putting out. Longing for a horizon to gaze at, she realizes that she is daydreaming, oh what a beautiful sight it is to see a glowing red star slip under the backside of a planet. She begins to mentally practice her first activities upon landing, sunset, swim, stare at a fire, make music in the great outdoors and dance. The smells and the breeze and the sound of life under an atmosphere, the rain and snow! She would have several planetary rotations to enjoy the bounty of this wet, warm world. So entranced by the pleasures that await her, that she didn’t notice that so much noise was clouding the radar that it was effectively blind. She calls up engineering on the comm, “prepare the ship for entry Sid”. A shakey voice crackles back “aye aye Skipper, but I suggest we give the warp core some more time to cool before we descend.” “Don’t worry Sid, there’s nothing down there that we might need to power away from, lets loose the snowball”. “Roger Wilco Pinkblack” “Brace for shivering.””…

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