10 16 20 In Synthesis With Infinite Is

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On this the week of 10-16-20 on In Synthesis with Infinite Is the show begins with a retro lead, hour long improv set with ever expanding horizons. The Is then reviews a couple of weird tunes. First we hear a pience called “Sunrise On A Methane Seascape”, then we hear about what might be lurking in said sea with a tune called “That Way Thar Be Monsters”. The show closer is almost 40 min of spooky beeping and strange synthesizer sounds. Channels were channeled, melodies were melodied, notes were noted and much fun was had by all!

Here is the opening live improvisational set

“Eximer Emission Egg of Essence Emergency Ejection was the laser fusion escape module of the day when the Addie Shackly was the very cresting wave of modern technology. It was a primitive homing capsule, faster than light, you had one shot from the miniature warp drive. If you were not aimed with the utmost mathematical precision, you would be doomed to drift beyond the redshifting crest and into the great beyond. This unit, being conceived by beings, who still trying to keep the mortal meatbag with the computer mind made provisions to instantly freeze the body in situ the moment that the Egg was ejected into the feedback harness and carry it along for a journey it may well not survive. “Skipper Pinkblack here, abandon ship, abandon ship!” “Everyone to the Ejection bay, that means you too Sid!” “I’ll never make it in time Pinkblack, farewell me friend it has been an honor serving you” Shut up and start moving Sid, that’s an order!” Then as the ship began to submit to the heat of reentry, sending tiles tumbling out in a smoking trail behind her, shafts of pure energy streamed skyward, shock waves booming out from the blinding streaks. If there was someone out there to stop them in their path, they would be saved and mere moments will have passed. If not, they would be doomed to drift out into the infinite is, beyond the habitable and slowly die in suspended animation in heat death and distance. As these were early designs, some would make it, most would not…”

Find a detailed playlist for this radio program at Spinitron, here: https://spinitron.com/WOOL/pl/11830318/LOCAL-MUSIC-In-Synthesis

Floating on the hydrocarbon seas of Titan, the Glavset gently heaves in the shallow waves. This long range mesh network communications command ship is offline, probing a wayward Biovatar for information and is slowly slurping up methane into it’s holding tanks for bartering at it’s next destination.
Art: Marc Lafferre, year 2004
There is nothing more terrifying than the unknown to creatures of information. For a price Dr Johnny Bananas and his crew of psychotic trolls spread disinformation, superstition and sectarian lies throughout the multiverse bringing chaos, death and suffering everywhere their communications antennas were pointed.

Here is the closing live improvisational set

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